Europa League Final: Del Nido Carrasco: “After going to the Round of 16, the chiefs called me saying it was already ours”

theThe season was very difficult for him Sevillethat this is the end Budapest It is considered a gift to many who have experienced suffering. If the average Sevilla fan has had a hard time, what can we say about the Sevilla fan who runs an entity that is not used to failure in recent times. Few hours of sleep, so much uncertainty and dread coming off that already feels like a pipe dream. now, Jose Maria del Nido Carrascojust as tired of all that the final entails, has the desire for a general change that one forgets. Budapest waiting for them.

Ask. How many hours did you sleep in the last week?

Answer. Few, very little. I manage to fall asleep quickly, but after two, three or four hours I wake up and my head starts to spin. I sleep badly.

P. Fortunately, the issue of flights has been resolved …

R was found. It is the displacement in a European final, which is 13, with the largest number of fans who have bought a ticket: 13,300. We know that about 6,000 fans fly on regular flights and we have organized almost 7,000 seats on charter flights. We have looked for planes even under stones. Their location determined the approximately 13,000 Sevilla fans who would be in the stadium.

Del Nido Carrasco stands for MARCA

Del Nido Carrasco stands for MARCAAlberto Fedez.

The final is a “candy” for Seville, to restore the lost illusion

Del Nido Carrasco, Vice President of Sevilla

Q: Was it a debt to the Sevilla player who wanted to be in the final after such a difficult year?

R was found. Whenever we go to the final, which is 21 in recent years, we have the ability and experience to manage it. After such a difficult season, well, there is another reason why Sevilla fans should enjoy the final again. It was an escape route after having such a bad time.

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Q: What does this final taste like?

R was found. This final comes in a very difficult season, as we dealt with relegation in April, and I think it’s about appreciating how difficult it will be to get to the final. We feel very good after giving our fans so much suffering. Being able to give them that caramelzo, because the caramel will fall short. It is the end of the lost illusion appeal.

Q: Those close to you talk to you about the final, but what do they say to them abroad? Don’t they put their hands on their heads after the season that Sevilla was doing?

R was found. People really think this contest belongs to us. We made it to the round of 16, passed, with the team as it was, and the chiefs, managers, managers wrote to you and said: you will definitely win this year. People trust Seville to have this union with this competition. It’s true that every time we’ve made it to the quarter-finals, the previous six times, we’ve won. They give it to you as if it has no advantage. We weren’t in any of the pools.

Monchi and Del Nido Carrasco, in training

Monchi and Del Nido Carrasco, in trainingEFE

To deny that an important part of this work is for Mandelibar would be absurd.

Del Nido Carrasco, Vice President of Sevilla

Q: What about the miracle that Mandelbar made?

R was found. We always emphasized that the team was good. If we’d had Mendilibar for several months, we’d certainly have done better. At the Winter Market we put four players on the team and many of them are newbies. With the same team, another coach never performed for any reason. And Jose Luis, in record time, managed to get us all excited. To deny that an important part of this work belongs to Mandelibar would be absurd.

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Bjes Navas and Rakitic, who are both captains, talked about wanting Mandilbar to continue to become effective, what do you think?

R was found. It’s not that we’re happy with Mandelibar, it’s just that we’re very happy. We don’t have time to think about next season, neither with Mandelibar nor with any of us who make up Sevilla. We don’t want anything to mislead us from the goal. I’m done right from the start, we’re very happy with the Mandelibar, in big bold letters and underlines.

Q: How do you play the 50-60 million game?

R was found. I don’t think Sevilla should play the game with the premise that by winning you have an economic return, which is brutal. We will look at the final game to enjoy. Then we have to show like the Sevilla we are, a club that qualified for a European final in a very bad year, bordering on tragedy.

The six times we’ve been to the quarter-finals that we’ve won, we’ve taken credit

Del Nido Carrasco, Vice President of Sevilla

Q: The player wouldn’t even think about it, but the manager…

R was found. At the budget level, we’ll have to adjust without the heroes’ income, which is 30-35%. This is how the manager feels. Feeling anxious in this sense is not necessary. I’ve been to all the Sevilla finals, and in each of them it’s been bad, bad, bad… But what I’ve experienced this year when I see the team in a relegation position I’ve never felt in my life.

P. You sleep worse then because of going down…

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R was found. What I experienced this year in the penalty area, when the team was in decline and three points more or less took you out or brought you back, I have never experienced in my life. Besides, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

P. From the flips of the face went to the hug.

R was found. He who does not say he has suspected nothing, I shall say no more of others, but of himself… This year we have all asked ourselves many questions: How did we get here? What did we do to achieve this. I would have the power to manage this… What happens is the answers were simple. I’ve been at the club since 2006, and to say I’ve forgotten what needs to be done to be successful is an understatement. A team that comes from qualifying for the Champions League three years in a row, and 24 or 30 months after winning a European title, because it finds itself in a position that it is not used to managing. We have publicly admitted our mistakes, but no one, neither the players nor us, expected the season to be so bad until April.

I doubted myself, what I suffered with the downs I had in my life

Del Nido Carrasco, Vice President of Sevilla

Q: A message to your fans. who wants

R was found. When a Sevilla player, on the field or at home, sees the game over, he will feel proud of his team and of being a Sevilla fan. We are going to die, to play the final like there is no tomorrow and show that we love this competition more than anyone else. And although Rome is great, we will fight for the pride of Seville.

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