Europa League: Emmanuel: “United? We want to win every game”

Emmanol Al-Gawasil was satisfied with the victory and the pass, but he wants more. “It is true that the goal only came with the sending off, but we were already superior before, with scoring chances. We made things right and the players gave a tremendous performance. Leadership? We don’t care about other people’s results, we just want to win all the games.”

One of the Oreos praising Sorloth, Who opened the can just before the break. “Last year he ended up being one of the most important players in the team. He is a great player, at a high level, and this year he has come with the fangs that I asked for. He gives us a lot and I hope he continues at that level.”

Emmanol highlighted the role of the unusual, That before the sheriff they had minutes. “If we played a bad game, someone might have said I was confused in the line-up… This team has competed like monsters in almost every game, and if some didn’t have more minutes, it was because those who were playing were doing it exceptionally, not Because they’ve done it well, I’m glad he’s had minutes, and he’s training well,” he noted.

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