Europa League: Emmanol: “We were so close, we didn’t score a goal to dream about”

Yesterday, Emanol Al-Jawasil considered the difference in efficiency in front of goal For riyals and gypsies in the name of an idea That it was the Italians who qualified for the quarter-finals of the Europa League, not Txuriurdin’s team.

Emanol Al-Jawasil expressed his regret that he did not score any goal You have more options to pass the qualifying round. “We were too close, but not close enough to qualify. It’s very difficult for Roma to generate so little for you and we have chances to score the dream goal, that’s what we’ve been missing. If we can do it in 70…”.

One of the Oreos was satisfied for his real. “I think we competed very well in the tie. I can’t give it a 10 as the team played in the tie, because we were knocked out, but I will give it an 8, because the work was colossal which is impossible for a team like Roma led by Mourinho. Little was born for you as we did in the two games. I’m proud. with my team.”

I think we, in global computing, have been better than them, but it’s the regions that rule

Emanol considered competence in front of goal as key to the equaliser. “What it is about is generating chances and I would tell you that in global accounts we were better than them, but the regions prevail and there they were better and they passed fairly because they scored two goals and we, when we showed up, did nothing,” he said.

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Does this participation in Europe boost your team for the remainder of the league? He replied, “I think so, because there will be very few teams who can say they have competed like us, whether in the group stage or in a tie.”

Mourinho told Emmanol to see if they will meet each other next season in the Champions League league. Is that the point? “As of today, yes, because we’re fourth and we want to hold on there, but there’s still a lot to come,” he said.

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