Europa League: Emmanol: “To win and be first, we have to score at least two goals”

Emmanuel Al-Gawasil is clear that his team, Real Sociedad, must score at least two goals against Manchester United tomorrow if they want to beat them.Because the potential of the English language is so great that it requires it. The coach is anticipating a great atmosphere at the Reale Arena and is dreaming of a great final party to celebrate leading the group.

Emmanuel warned what he thinks his team must do to finish leading the group. “When the draw was made, we all agreed to get the stage, but we have a night like the one we’re going in, with the top spot on the line against the Champions League and what we want is to be first. We have great respect for United, but we’ll do everything we can to stay ahead. That’s why we have to make a great game and score at least two goals,” he warned.

The Reale Arena will be full, so we have to go out and win the match.”

txuriurdin coach insisted on his ambition. “Real is going to explode, so we have to win the match, at least go to it. It can happen to you with Betis, you have a good match and in the end you lose, this also happened to Napoli, but I have already told the players that to win the match we will have to Score two goals and that’s the point. As long as we come out thinking it was worth drawing or losing minimally, we wouldn’t be first.”

Emmanol knows United’s potential. “There are a lot of virtues that they have… They are able to give you chances if you go down, and also for teams that press high, but if you think about it, you would think they put four in you, but I have to think about how to neutralize them and give them the tools for the players. We’ve all been able to Do that and we’ll see if we repeat it,” he noted.

If we win, I’ll be happier. If we draw or lose minimally as well. And if we lose by two goals, be in a bad mood

A win against United will give Real a lot of prestige, leadership and illusionGreater than the fans…”Obviously, there are many very important things we are going to win, but I hold that, if we win, this is one of the nights we have to remember. From that comes everything the rest..but above all we want Beating one of the best teams in Europe.”

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Losses limit Emanol a lot, in the face of his approach. “I believe, honestly, that those with us can win and we have to generate that illusion. And I think there are many fans who believe that too. The team lacks what it lacks as we think about winning, imagine what we achieved.”

Emmanol summed up, to the end, what it could be like tomorrow at about 9:00 PM., after the match. “I feel the same way as the 37,000 fans who will come. If we win, I’ll be happier. If we draw or lose minimally as well. And if we lose by two goals, I’ll be in a bad mood,” he admitted.

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