Europa League: Emmanol: “The players have left the field on all fours, the pass advantage is theirs”

Emmanuel Alguassel was very proud that Real Madrid was able to finish his role as captain Of his group, being Manchester United. The txuriurdin coach gave a lot of credit for what his players did in the six matches, despite losing yesterday’s match.

Emmanol wanted to have a special dedication before talking about the game. “I want to dedicate this win to David Quintano, who was diagnosed with cancer after the match against Barcelona, ​​and who sent me 10 days ago, when there were only days left, a message telling me how proud he was of this team. He passed away this week and left in a Real Madrid shirt. Madrid, so I dedicate this pass to him,” he revealed.

Then the realistic technician referred to the eighth classification. “The pass has a lot of advantages, because we put pressure on United as we had to, so that they don’t come out of the pressure easily. We had to come back before and we did that, and we also had options. It’s a nice defeat, but I think the fairest thing would have been a draw, Because we had our chances,” he stressed.

We have to play a serious game until the end and put pressure on United like we did

Emmanol’s destiny Game Real Madrid. “We had to play a serious game until the end, I was clear about the game plan, but it was very difficult to do it thanks to the players who crawled in. I also have to thank the fans, who on Thursday filled Anoeta and did not stop cheering,” he said.

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Oriotarra is sorry for being so long behind on the scoreboard. “They distinguished us in the first match they fought, in a duel they won, but because of the great work of the players they spent a few more times. The players went with me to death in the plan and there is no coach to pay for it ”, it means.

Finally, once again pay tribute to the football players. “What this team is doing is outrageous, in the face of injuries and injuries. They compete like monsters. The one thing I always ask of them is that we are all proud of them and I am so proud of them for a long time,” the statement.

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