Europa League: Emmanol: “Sharif will be difficult, United gave him very few chances”

Emmanol Al-Gawasel warns that Al-Sharif has made things difficult for Manchester Unitedin the last round of the European League, so he will be a complicated opponent, even away from home.

Emmanol explained how he faces the match against Sharif in Moldova. “With the utmost respect, because it is a team that has not lost in the league, with six wins and three draws, and won in Pramabo a year ago, it is true that it is with a completely different team. They beat Omonia 3-0 and it cost us a lot, and I think against Manchester they played A very competitive match, Manchester provided very few opportunities for them,” he warned.

The technician’s message was clear today. “It will be a complex and difficult match, and we will have to work hard on it. They have physically strong people, and from the midfield they have good, fast and strong people, but as I always say if we do our job well we will be close to winning.”

Oyarzabal still has a long way to go to make a call, and those closest are Le Normand and Cho

Emmanol did not leave his very difficult speech. “It’s the green that indicates the end, and theories are just theories. Be clear that we will have an opponent in front of us who will have to force us a lot. And we have to bear in mind that we didn’t win any easy game in Europe, all we had to work on. We beat it. Against PSV 3-0, but we played a great match,” he added.

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Finally, talk about Oyarzabal’s return to group training and the condition of the other injured. Mikel is back from a big injury, but he still has a long way to go to get back on the call. He’s trained more to be special these days… Lou Norman and Cho are the best ones to get better, I don’t. I don’t know if they can get there,” he said. At the exact time”.

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