Europa League: Emmanol: “It was about continuing to win, and even though it always costs, we did it”

Emmanol Algoasel was very satisfied with his team’s victory in Moldova, Seeing the key as carrying his shifts and having the necessary patience on the ball to create goal-scoring opportunities.

Emmanol summed up the idea of ​​his party. “I already told you that we know what they are going to propose and I have already seen that it always costs, even more so against a team that is physically strong and works hard without the ball. In the first half we had chances, but we did not score, yes in the second half, and once we were 0 -2, we chose to rest, and we are already thinking about Sunday’s match, “he considered.

The technician realized the importance of the three points. “There is no doubt, because it was the next time and because we started well. After winning the first two, if you lose the other three, nothing is worth… I realize again that it will not be easy, today it was difficult for Manchester to beat Omonia You have to treat every match like a final,” he said.

What is the key to victory? He replied, “The key was in patience, we had to move them well, and although at times we rushed, we had three clear occasions and didn’t leave them with too many turns, which we wanted to avoid.”

Emmanol didn’t want to give too much importance to the harshness of some domestic measures. “When you lose 0-2, with one loss less, that usually happens. I think we didn’t respect them at any point, I always tell my players not to lose. It could have been avoided, but nothing from the other world happened either.”

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