Europa League: Emmanol: “I hope we will have a great match, but the important thing is to win as it is”

It is clear that Emmanuel Alguassel must play a great match again against Real SociedadLike last Thursday in Moldova, To add the three points in front of Sharif To keep you on top of the group. The realistic coach prioritized winning, over good play, like other occasions.

Emmanol prioritizes winning above all, but he would like to do it with a good match. “I hope we can deliver a game for people to enjoy, but the most important thing is to win, win, win, whatever it is, and that’s the only thing on our minds. In the 85th minute, if we can’t do that, I still tell you the point is good.” But now we are only thinking about winning the match,” he emphasized.

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The realist artist insisted on his respect for the sheriff, As it was before departure. “It will be difficult, because they did a good defensive job in the first leg and that will have to improve. We will try to play better than them, to get more chances and win. Training? Tomorrow will be day 11 that he saw qualified to win the match. As for those who do not play it is because those Those who play are doing it great and because they have five wins in a row,” he said.

thus, Emmanol has a clear recipe for trying to win. “We have to be patient. Last day we already saw that it costs us, in the first part, but if someone deserved to win, it was us: and again we have to take the initiative and succeed in areas,” he ventured.

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Emmanol expressed his regret at the loss of Solawho was playing at a high level. “Sola has some discomfort in the knee, as in the stages of last season, and it is inflamed. There is no injury, but I know it is swollen and it will not be there tomorrow, we will see if it will be on Sunday,” he said.

He also explained the absence from the Oyarzabal session. “The thing with Mikel is down to load control. We decided to introduce him, to change the dynamic of his entry on his own, but he still has it. We really made him change a little bit and this week you won’t see it, the next might not be this week.”

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