Europa League: Chesney withdrew after feeling chest pain in the middle of the match

MMoments of tension at Juventus Stadium during the Europa League match against Sporting Lisbon. At the end of the first half, it was a great intimidation for the Italian team and for the Wojciech-Czesny goalkeeper.

And it is that in the 40th minute of the first half of the match against the Lisbon team, the Juventus goalkeeper asked for a substitution. The bulaco international touched his chest a few times, and he seemed to run out. The player was quickly replaced by Mattia Perin. The goalkeeper left the field in tears.

Immediately, the medical team conducted the relevant tests. Chesney suffered from tachycardia. It’s okay, the club has reached out. As they explained from Italy, the electrocardiogram he underwent at the stadium’s medical center thankfully ruled out heart problems.

“I’m fine, a little worried, but the checks say everything is fine. Tears? Scared, I was struggling to even breathe. Now I’m much better, congratulations to Mattia who is my golden boy who never complains. But in the 90th minute they shot him on goal (laughs, ed.), ”says Pole“Sky” after the match.

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