Europa League: Bono: “We will face the comeback with the faith we have in the Europa League”

association He could do little in the equalizing goal Juventus in Role, but during the game he had some meritorious actions, calmly resolving the work he had done in his area. “We wanted to win the game, as it happened, but it’s a demanding competition, a semi-final UEFA And nothing is easy. The team finished with Very positive feelings And eager to face the second leg so Delusion and mentality And thatFaith that we always have in European league. We have to congratulate the boys on today’s game,” commented the goalkeeper.

“He’s a very good competitor with very important players Within a few seconds they can put together a mess. we had Very good control, We managed to win many duels in the opposite field, calmly and calmly owning the ball to find solutions in attack. Congratulate the team on the match and think about Valladolid , Then on the way back,” Al-Maghrabi added.

As for the second stop, he pointed out association thatAs fans and as players, we feel the same way. May is the month when cups are won and that excites us. We dream of passing that tour to Reach the ultimate dream. This is how it will be, we will always face it with illusion and people will understand it. It’s the most important thing.”

Kedb Torres: “The atmosphere in Bezgon will be unbeatable”

Torres liver after the match People were sad in the locker room. But he wantedvoltage value What the team did against a great opponent away from home. It is very important to generate good feelings. On Thursday people will be great and we will give everything Smile together“.

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“At first it was true that they got out of control, and it was hard for us to point it out Say maraWhich hurt us, but we were born Very good transfers. Give value to the team’s efforts and keep going, the best of the rest,” he added. “The atmosphere today was good, at Pizjun will be like no othersimilar to what happened before unitedAnd between everyone Together we will get it out“.

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