Europa League: Betis – Manchester United | Faith Verdiblanca Moves Mountains: Preview, Analysis, Forecast and Forecast

AndOn many occasions frankly, the heart and the head take different paths. And this afternoon in Benito Villamarn It is one of those times when reason invites us to believe that a tie is lost for Betisafter the agonizing 4-1 first leg seven days earlier in the Old TraffordBut the illusionist dreams of a historic comeback that would allow the disciples Pellegrini Continue to advance in the tournament that opposes them.

Almost a year ago, Verdiblancos were left out European League In the same round they face tonight, the round of 16, with a rebound goal from Frankfurt Eintracht, eventual champion, in the last minute of the second half of overtime. Tonight they will try to make football and fortune smiles at them to give themselves a chance to get ahead in a competition in which, at least until the draw, they had high hopes.

Obviously, it won’t be easy. Front to be the best Manchester United In recent years, it has been revitalized yet Qatar World Cup and take out Cristiano Ronaldo. A talented, solid and vertical team who, with their determination and physical strength, managed to fly over helicopters under the snow. Dream theater. But in football, as he rightly says PellegriniWithout playing, no one knows what could happen…

The weather conditions will be very different from those of seven days ago England. If the 3500 Patiko who gathered in it Old Trafford They have really managed to impose themselves with their songs on my fans Red DevilsTonight, with over 50,000 tickets already sold, promises to be a real pressure cooker. And most importantly, if Betis He held out for 55 minutes in the first leg and was close to leading the scoreboard, which he confirmed he couldn’t do today and put the boys out of You have a pilgrim?

The key is to score early, if Betis scores 1-0 in 15 minutes, you can believe in a comeback

Benjamin Zarandona, former Betis player

Ito and Benjamin find it difficult, but not impossible

This is also how some bright alien species see it, such as Benjamin Zarandonawho estimated this afternoon’s duel this way: “The key would be that Betis Get ahead of the game. If you get 1-0 in 15 or 20 minutes, you can believe in a comeback. If not, then the matter is more complicated. And if it’s 2-0 before the break, you can already see the light. Otherwise, it will be difficult because Manchester It’s a very strong team in transitions, they go like jets.”

In the same sense it is pronounced Itoanother Verdiblanca legend with nearly 200 matches with Thirteen bars“If you’re thinking of coming back, you have to think about scoring quickly. Manchester He will want a long match, let the minutes pass. What if Betis He is able to score soon, doubts can enter anyone, also counting on the main support of the fans. On the road Betis He was dismissed after the second goal and such strong teams take advantage of it and hurt you. But in football you can’t get ahead of anything, everything changes in one minute. A goal, a penalty and a sending-off…and the match can be put into orbit to change the course of the tie.”

In football, everything changes in one minute: a goal, a penalty kick and a dismissal, and a draw can be put into orbit for Betis.

Former Betis player Eto’o

Pellegrini, without Luiz Felipe

for him Betisin addition to the long-term loss of the poorthe football player who would have been key in a draw with the same weight as this, would be the main absence Louis PhilippeHe was injured specifically in one of the last first leg events seven days ago. From the way he addressed his press conference yesterday and from his statements, everything indicates that Pellegrini Bet on eleven starts, although the Chilean is unpredictable. like You have a pilgrim, who despite getting a good equalizer on the track, is distrustful and assertive that he will put the best in the competition. A team they wouldn’t be in garnachoAnd the wounded and Anthonykey in Old Traffordwhich stays in Manchester to the disease.

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