Europa League: Almost 2,000 real-life fans will support their team at the Olimpico in Rome

Approximately 2,000 Real Sociedad fans cheer For Emanol Al-Jawasel and his family next Thursday 9 At the Olympic Stadium in Romein the first leg of the tie to European League round of 16where 1,844 people were registered among the applicants and escorts, and 3,400 sites were received, where more than a thousand will be returned.

In addition, La Real wanted to report Some other aspects of the Plan of Rome, Regarding the purchase of tickets by non-members and in relation to the receipt of tickets by those who have purchased them:

If you are not a Partner, Contributor or RS Fan And you are interested in getting a ticket, we recommend that you visit the Member Services office tomorrow (from 10 am to 8 pm).

In addition to making the payment, the following information must be provided tomorrow to passengers: Name, surname, ID, date and place of birth and email to receive the subsequent entry.

Ticket reception and more information

In the days leading up to the meeting, Roma sends a PDF file with tickets To the e-mail of both the applicant and the accompanying person.

It is important to remember that Tickets will be nominal. Upon arrival at the stadium, the name assigned to each ticket will be checked with the identity of the said person.

At the beginning of next week, an email will be sent out to people who travel to expand more details about field tripMeeting point…

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