EU leaders promise to take ‘urgent’ measures to curb rising energy prices

EU heads of state and government on Friday promised “Urgent” measures to intervene in the energy market By supporting Brussels proposals such as the mandatory joint acquisition of at least 15 per cent of reserves and a flexible gas purchase price limit, tasking the executive of the community with a “concrete” proposal to generalize the “Iberian exception” to the rest of the EU.

“Unity and solidarity prevail. Agreement to work on measures to contain energy prices for homes and businesses,” the European Council President wrote, Charles MichaelAt the end of the first day of the summit after an eleven-hour meeting with twenty-seven focused on the need to intervene in the market and put a ceiling on gas prices.

In light of the lack of knowledge of the details of what the leaders of the Lithuanian President agreed upon, Nauseda Gypsies, reported that the leaders tasked the European Commission and energy ministers with preparing “urgent decisions” on setting a gas price ceiling, joint purchases and a reference price. “Our unity is crucial,” he stressed.

Spain appreciates that consensus has been reached on a text on energy, but He thinks he doesn’t have enough ambitionAccording to government sources.

“The commission has had the support of all the proposals it has made and we have asked it to go further, so in two or three weeks the commission will have to present it precisely,” said the president of France, Emmanuel Macron. trust it “End of October, Beginning of November” The first actions will be taken.

After agreeing on the general lines of the necessary procedures, the role will pass next Tuesday to EU energy ministers Who will discuss technical issues to try and finalize the development of proposals.

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