Esland Awards 2023 in Mexico: Schedule, Where to See, and Finalists

  • The Spanish-language Oscars seeker “Running” arrives in Mexico for its second edition, seeking to replicate the viewership success of the first episode.

  • AuronPlay, Ibai, IlloJuan and ElMariana compete to be “Streamer of the Year”, the most coveted award

After its first edition in Barcelona, ​​it was Esland Awards Organized by TheGrefg “streamer” for a bonus Live content creation On platforms like Twitch, YouTube or Facebook they arrive on Sundays to Mexico City to celebrate his second installment at the National Auditorium in the Mexican capital.

Eslands is “a unique tribute to the creators, creators, and communities who are searching for their place in the world of live entertainment,” according to the organization on its website. The name, which is short for Spain, Latin America, and Andorrashowing “the three geographic locations that share a language that unites them beyond any boundaries, whether physical or virtual”.

The second version of the award I created TheGrefg, with 17 million followers on YouTube and 10 million on Twitch, will bring some of the biggest Spanish-speaking names to Mexico. Spanish content creators love Plains of eBay (12 million followers on Twitch) or IlloJuan (“stream” in Spanish with the most lucrative subscribers) are some of the names expected to travel to the Mexican capital, where they will meet Latin Americans. Juan Guarnizo (9.5 million followers), arigameplays (5.3 million) or Mariana (6.1 million), among others. The absence of other great Spanish “banners” such as AuronPlayAnd elrubius As for alexelcapowhose unwillingness to cross the ocean when the localization was announced was criticized by the large and outspoken Latin American community consuming its content.

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Finalists were in each of the categories Nominated and selected by a vote of Twitch users, who also contributed their votes to determine the winner of each one. The value of the popular vote to select the winners is distributed in half and half A “Jury” of “50 Spanish broadcasters and 50 Latin American streamers with the highest viewership in 2022”not counting the finalists for this edition.

Esland date and time 2023

the National Auditorium in Mexico Citywhich can hold up to 10,000 people, will host the second edition of The Island Awards on Sunday, January 29, 2023. The party, as they announced on their social networks, will begin at 12:00 PM in Mexico (7:00 PM in Spain), as they announced on their social networks. In addition to awarding the awards, the artists’ musical performances were also confirmed If it weren’t for Nelly s Jay Cortez.

Where to see

The live broadcast of the first edition, on January 17, 2022, lasted approximately six hours and reached an average of 656,000 concurrent viewers, with a golden minute that exceeded one million, and more than 5.8 million hits. This year’s awards, hoping to surpass those good numbers, will also be streamed on TheGrefg’s Twitch channel.

Finalists at Esland 2023

In this second edition it will be acknowledged 17 categories, including Streamer of the Year, Song of the Year, News Coverage of the Year, Event of the Year, Esports Player of the Year, and Breakthrough Streamer. In addition, it is included New categories Such as “Roleplayer of the Year,” an award for creators of broadcasts dedicated to role-playing games, or “Vtuber of the Year,” a tribute to creators who use a virtual avatar to disguise their faces.

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Best Miniseries for Content

  • The ground is lava

  • Juanequilacopa building a battle

  • Watch Minecraft games

  • Squid Minecraft games

Best content series

  • Challenge 2

  • Karmland F

  • Pokemon twitch cup 2

  • Omelette Land 2

year event

  • Youtube big game 2

  • Twitch GB

  • Juanequila Beer Pong Cup

  • second year evening

This year’s talk show

  • Chat quietly

  • angry table

  • Wilderness Project

  • I am the Internet

section of the year

  • Attack on the French flag – Rubeus

  • Haka – Gerard Romero

  • If now shows we love penis – tryhard team

  • Smile if you like dick – quack

Song of the year

  • Trap is the law – lit by murder

  • Blacksmith eyes – Magus

  • Again – Rudizel, Barcelona, ​​JCBG, Hasvik

  • Alone – Robles

dance of the year

  • Dancing with the Skeleton – Mariana

  • Dance in the evening – fuckcamiones24

  • Woody – Carrera

  • Bibas – AuronPlay

Public outrage

  • djmariio

  • eBay and Spin

  • Luzo

  • Juggler

general failure

  • Here is my explosion – Manute

  • The Unbreakable Clock – eBay Janus & Massey

  • The jump – JuanSGuarnizo

  • Falling – Karchez’s mother

The best eSports player

year wheel

  • serrated

  • suga

  • Ulysses

  • vickypalami

Better news coverage

  • cell

  • Gerard Romero

  • Tamayovision

  • And you

Player of the Year

  • agent

  • Carol

  • Juan Guarnizo

  • reborn

public vtuber

  • Emikokes

  • kendomurft

  • Nemo

  • Zilver K

IRL Streamer of the Year

  • the rice

  • KDE

  • LunaClark

  • street living

streamer hack

streamer of the year

  • AuronPlay

  • Mariana

  • Plains of eBay

  • IlloJuan

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