Escrivá agrees to promote employees and implement remote work

minister Social security I reached a preliminary agreement with the unions in record time to avoid the partial stoppages and the general strike that called for September 7 due to a shortage of cadres, which causes a deficit in the service of citizens in an administration that has long boasted of being a model of efficiency. José Luis Escrivá gave in to the demands of CSIF and CC.OO. And he will open a calendar of negotiations to strengthen the workforce, reduced by 22% in the past ten years, prof The main condition For power plants, as well as improving the productivity bonuses received by officials, implementing remote work, moving towards job stability and improving training.

Social security officials and central centers will meet Tonight To conclude this principle of agreement, the Minister acknowledges that “it is appropriate to formulate a strategic plan for human resources”, which will be agreed upon with the unions. The text of the agreement, which ABC obtained access to, states that the ministry’s goal is to restore the invitation of some social security agencies, especially the management body, in addition to the obligation to review internal promotion processes. In line with the European mandate, the government pledges to make temporary employment “exceptional” and to encourage that jobs held by temporary workers become indefinite.

2 days a week in 2024

From July 1, employees will be able to Enjoy working remotely, is now denied to the collective, although it is carried out by the rest of the administration. It will be one offline session per week for employees who request it and their assignments can be carried out without paying attention to the citizen being harmed. Remember the agreement that this working formula will be possible thanks to the integration of 2,500 temporary workers. The idea contained in the principle of the agreement is the possibility of implementing remote work two days a week, starting next January.

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Last Thursday, the factories called the first historic strike in the organization, and a day later they were called to a meeting and held quick meetings over the weekend, which resulted in the principle of agreement, which would also include the promised and the deferred. Social Security Administration Agencywhich will consolidate all Social Security Administration institutions under a single structure.

Performance motivation

The agreement’s principle text also includes the union’s demand to improve the productivity of officials, at a time when the workload is doubling. Thus, “in view of the pending workload of social security employees, and in order to enhance the quality of service provided,” it is expected that this year, once budget availabilityIncentive measures of performance.

Finally, the pre-agreement includes promoting the establishment of a school an exercise Social security with the aim of coordinating training and specialization programs for public sector employees. Progress has also been made in the prevention of occupational hazards.

The first step that the two parties will take after signing the basic agreement this afternoon will be the approval of the meeting schedule, which will start on the 25th of this month and continue until the 29th of June. The unions want to ensure that all agreed points are developed as planned and have demanded that the committee on which they will be represented along with the management implement tracking from the agreement.

As reported by the ABC, the citizen’s interest in social security is at its lowest hour, which has led to the call of the Ombudsman, Ángel Gabilondo, to Minister José Luis Escrivá to “resolve the delays in granting appointments” and “the estimated deficiencies in care services are overcome.” “.

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wave of indignation

The situation generated a wave of discontent, which was reflected in a torrent of complaints to this administration. During the pandemic, citizen protests have tripled, and last year they grew by 42%, according to internal documents from the public body released by the ABC. From 934 registered in 2020, it rose to 2,966 by the end of 2022, a year in which Social Security telephone and telecenters were almost unable to attend. Four million calls.

The organization Escrivá leads has lost nearly 22% of its members in a decade, including some who decided to move on thanks to 8.5% rise It was applied this year to the payroll of retirees. Those who doubted taking this step have taken it and thanks to this historic climb they have avoided early retirement penalties.

Within ten years, the workforce had moved on From 36,000 to 26,000 Today, the average age is 60 years. The number of workers decreased by 10,000, but the work doubled for those responsible for administering and administering all the benefits of the system, including nearly ten million contributory pensions and dozens of benefits and benefits, plus a vital minimum income. .

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