Erdogan gives the green light to Sweden’s accession to NATO, which ends its historical neutrality

turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, revealing itself as the great strategic negotiator of the current world leaders. Neither Biden nor Macron nor Schulz.

to his mediation in the war in Ukraine between Putin (who supported him against Prigozhin) and Zelensky (who supported him in his desire to join the NATO), Al-Turki added another start to the NATO summit yesterday as an absolute champion. Gave final approval to Swedenwhich will become the thirty-second country in the Atlantic Alliance.

As he did in Madrid last year, when he announced that he had lifted the first veto over Sweden and Finland’s entry after a four-way meeting with Stoltenberg, Erdogan once again lifted a second veto on Sweden in an “extreme” meeting. . You did it after you asked – misfortune or blackmail? That the European Union first agree to resume talks for that Türkiye become a community state. next to nothing.

However, at 9:20 pm (another hour in Lithuania) and four hours after the meeting, the NATO Secretary General announced the white smoke between Erdogan and the Swedish Prime Minister, Ulf Christson, calling it “a historic step that makes all NATO allies stronger and safer.” “.

Soon after, NATO reported on the main points of the agreement: continued cooperation under the joint tripartite mechanism signed at the 2022 summit held in Madrid, a new bilateral security agreement that meets annually, and a track paper that Sweden will do. Presenting it as a basis for its continuous fight against terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.

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This document will establish something of great importance for Turkey: that Sweden confirms that it does not provide support to the Kurdish armed group YPG/PYD and to the organization described as Gulen movement.

Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Christersonstressed that the agreement does not entail “additional obligations” beyond those listed.

On the subject of terrorism, Sweden wanted to show signs of being a good student this past year: it approved a constitutional amendment allowing for stricter anti-terror laws, and it extradited Kurdish activist Mahmud Tat and his crew. The Supreme Court approved the extradition of another supporter Kurdistan workers’ party Convicted of drug trafficking in Turkey and arrested in Sweden, in this way the Scandinavian country ends two centuries of a deeply rooted culture of neutrality, especially in times of the Cold War. Now you will become a full-fledged ally. By the way, the Alliance is sending a message to Vladimir Putin: the war in Ukraine has brought two more strategic partners into the NATO club. Finland, which joined on April 4, and which shares more than 1,340 kilometers of border with Russia; and Sweden, a major player in the Baltic Sea with the island of Gotland and its powerful defense industries.

Hungarian veto

Skillful negotiation Stoltenberg, basically followed the Madrid pattern, with the champions locked up the day before until an agreement was reached. In addition, it reinforces the Norwegian role as NATO leader saving another issue of friction between the allies. Certainly Hungary will now lift its ban on Sweden. United States of America Join the deal without worry.

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So your boss Joe BidenHe expressed his willingness to discuss improvements in its military and deterrent resources with Turkey, which is one of the demands Erdogan’s diplomacy has put on the table in recent years.

Hours before the tripartite meeting, Stoltenberg showed his understanding and surprise at the Turkish announcement linking Sweden’s accession to Turkey’s European aspirations: «I support Turkey’s aspirations to become a member of the European Union. We must remember that what we agreed to in Madrid was a specific list of conditions that Sweden must meet in order to become a full member of the alliance. Sweden has fulfilled these conditions, Stoltenberg said, noting that “Sweden has also amended its constitution, strengthened anti-terror laws and continues to address Turkey’s legitimate security concerns.”

These arguments as well as the rejection of the European Commission and leaders such as the German Chancellor, Olaf SchulzAt Erdogan’s request, it ended up doubling the Turkish president’s pulse.

Unacceptable proposal

Basically, Erdogan’s proposal was unacceptable to the EU because of the orderly accession process and, even more so, because of the current socio-political context: with skin-deep sensitivity in countries like France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands regarding multiculturalism, Islamism, the immigration issue… or All three mixed at the same time. Islamic Turkey, with a population of 85 million, will not be easy to digest in the European labyrinth.

Turkey’s history and European passion go back far, just a year after Spain and Portugal entered. It was April 14, 1987 when Prime Minister Turgut Özal defended his membership application in Brussels, although he had to wait until 1999 to be granted candidate country status and until 2005 for talks to begin.

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The European Parliament in June 2022 called for a freeze in negotiations, alleging Ankara’s lack of commitment to European reforms and fundamental rights, as well as an “ongoing gap” with the bloc regarding democratic values ​​and norms.

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