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exposure. Scale: Sculpture (1945-2000)

The type of material, the method of working with it, the skill of the artist and his way of occupying the place … There are many characteristics that we look at when we find ourselves in front of a statue, however, there is one that perhaps goes unnoticed, but that is fundamental to thinking about this discipline. We are talking about Scale, that is, the relationship between the dimensions of the model and its representation. To this concept is devoted Juan March Foundation His new exhibition that invites us to think about the sculptural space from a historical perspective, focusing on the second half of the twentieth century and how the boundaries of this art expanded during this period.

It seems that this is common Martha Sanz in the theater. If premiered at the beginning of March at the Villa Fernán Gómez Cultural Center Daniela Astor and the Black BoxNow one of his most popular titles is He Who Occupies Theatre Neighborhood Theatre. It comes to claviclethe novel in which Sanz He reflects on the physical pain and discomfort it causes us, making us aware of the fragility of our bodies. In an autobiographical tone, the author deals with humor in the physical aspect of this pain, but also extends to other kinds of social disturbances, such as fear, inequality, or doctors’ lack of understanding, especially when it comes to women’s pain. Of course, it also draws parallels with writing. company Le Plateau de Teatro He was responsible for the adaptation, starring four actresses of different generations.

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facility. Monia bin Hamouda. The destruction of the Kaaba idols

The Kaaba is a cube-shaped structure Which we see in all the pictures of the pilgrimage to Makkah. Code God’s house on earth for MuslimsPilgrims who come to visit it must complete seven laps around it while reciting a prayer. Actress Monia Ben Hamouda Referred to in this installation Prohibition of metaphorical in the Islamic religion. Among the most famous of this story is the incident of the destruction of the pagan idols of the Kaaba, which Muhammad carried out at the head of an army that marched to Mecca. The wonderful installation of Minya Ben Hammouda within the course of the exhibition flexibility demand, He investigates both those artists for whom pictorial representation was impossible and those who stood up to this ban.

Flamenco without patas de cola, with touches of electronics and themes we rarely hear on the genre’s more traditional side lyrics. The project Labcomposed of interpreters Ana Brenes, Christina López, Isabel Ludenbach, Aina Núñez and Marina Bagi, asks a question Feminist Interpretation of Flamenco, Questioning Tradition And the demand to dismantle gender roles. In their show they combine singing, dancing, performance and technology, and this Saturday we have a chance to see them live inside a programming 21 regions.

childish. Make your own seedlings

If the first approach of most girls and boys in the world of botany is to put lentils in a damp cotton ball and see how they germinate and grow day by day, then the project agriculture It is suggested to go further and We launch ourselves to make our own seedbeds. Designed for ages 4 to 7, the workshop consists of building cozy homes for the seeds, using only recycled materials. During the workshop, juniors They will also learn what to plant at each time of the year, how much sunlight our plants need or how much water We must evict them so that they may grow up healthy and strong.

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exposure. “organic machine”

Now that we almost daily find news about artificial intelligence and other technological developments, the fair that these days can be seen in different spaces of Canal Theatres and which delves into the relationship between machines and living matter, seems more relevant than ever. The model releases us Questions about facial recognition systems, our imprint on nature, the limits of the human body or the future of reproductionamong many other issues. 23 works by local and international artists confronting us with the increasingly blurred boundaries between biology and technology.

This classic from Jose Sanchez Sinistera It’s already more than three decades old, but its timeless message means the work never ceases to be good. starring some Comedians who worked during the Civil War to entertain the Republican sidethe plot takes a turn when this Suddenly and by mistake they found themselves on the national soil, They are forced to adapt their offer to the ideology of these soldiers. It was made into a movie in 1990 by Carlos SauraAnd Oh Carmela! It is much more than just a comedyA, because it leaves a tragic aftermath on the pain of war, life and death, oblivion and memory. In this new edit by Jose Carlos Plaza Maria Adams f Pepon’s grandson who step into the shoes of the unforgettable Carmela and Paolino.

belonging to the Bolognese School, Guido Reni It is considered One of the greatest artists of the seventeenth century And one of those who contributed the most to composition Baroque aesthetic in Europe. The anthological show hosting Prado Museum It brings together nearly a hundred works by this artist, which are not easy to see outside their usual locations in European and American museums and institutions, along with some works specially restored for the occasion. Greek mythology and the Bible are the two primary themes in Reni’s work, whose connections to Spain can be appreciated both in the collections of kings and the aristocracy, as well as in the influence of his iconographic models in the Golden Age.

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The Appearance of the Angel to Saint Jerome (1633-1634) by Guido Reni. / Prado Museum

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