English Premier League: William Saliba, from Arteta’s happy marriage to a loss that could cost the Prime Minister

YouAfter another day in which Manchester City again cut two points over Arsenal, The English Premier League is tighter than ever. The “Gunners” are still ahead, but now they are only four points behind the “blue sky” team with one more game. There are several reasons for Guardiola’s return, including how much he is Blame Mikel Arteta’s team for William Saliba’s absence (Bundy, 2001)..

Until he was hit in the back in front of me Sporting in the European LeagueThe centre-back was a prominent figure within Arsenal for Mikel Arteta who was an inspiration to the French: “Mikel always speaks well before matches and when you go on the field you want to perform well because his way of talking makes you want to fight. You can see he trusts me”. Since those diseases, the figures show the importance of Saliba’s personality and the amount of compensation the UAE has suffered for his loss.

He always speaks well before matches and when you go on the field you want to do a good job because his way of talking makes you want to fight

I left in Arteta

His absence is synonymous with a goal against

Arsenal’s stats since Saliba’s back injury are great. The Frenchman has missed the last four Premier League matches in which Arsenal faced Arsenal Crystal Palace, Leeds, Liverpool and West Ham, and in each of them London players conceded a goal. Against the latter two, in addition, Arteta’s men conceded two goals, against which they lost four points.

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English Premier League (J31): West Ham 2-2 Arsenal summary and goals

Saliba’s importance is also reflected when measuring the number of goals scored without the Frenchman compared to the rest of the season. And it is that the “gunners” have received 19.4% of their goals are against him since Bondy’s injury.

The unsavory comparison with Holding

With Ben White pinned on the right-back, Arteta pulled Rob Holding to face the sensitive absence of Saliba. However, the test is not yet well finished and the level of English is far from the level given by the previous Marseille.

The data reflect this. Not only is the Frenchman more effective at kicking the ball than the Englishman (91% passing accuracy vs. 85.3 holding), but he also won more duels, winning 60% of the time by 57 Tameside centre-backs. But in the number of recoveries, a big difference can be seen between Saliba and Holding, since Bondi He recovers 7.63 balls per game compared to 2.36 for the Brit.

“Happy Marriage” with Gabriel

The person who may miss Saliba the most is his partner in centre-back Gabriel Magalhaes. The Brazilian has also suffered a drop in performance in recent weeks, to the point of being an A The penalty kick, which he himself committed, led to the first goal for West Ham last Sunday.

Gabriel and Saliba celebrate a Brazilian goal

Gabriel and Saliba celebrate a Brazilian goal.

Arteta has already taken great care to detail the importance they place on each other: “They are like a happy marriage.”San Sebastian coach announced after Arsenal beat Leicester 0-1.

Magalhas and Saliba like a happy marriage

Mikel Arteta

He was almost eliminated in the “final” in the federation

“William is not progressing as quickly as we would have hoped, it is a delicate situation. We want him to be ready to absorb the burden and the risks that we will face, which is not possible at the moment.”Arteta commented while previewing the match that Arsenal will face against Southampton next Friday.

William is not progressing as quickly as we would have hoped, it’s a delicate situation. We want you to be prepared to take on the burden and the risk we will take, which is not possible at the moment.

Mikel Arteta

When answering the possibility of Saliba being in the last Premier League matches, Arteta did not want to draw conclusions: “It is too early to say, maybe next week we will have more certainty.”.

Unfortunately for Al-Madfai, it seems difficult for Saliba to reach the decisive match against him Manchester City next April 26th. On that day, the prime minister can be determined, and in the UAE they are already beginning to pray that they will have a major player.

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