English Premier League: What is Boxing Day and why is it celebrated today, December 26, in the English Premier League

sIf there is a specific date on any English football fan’s calendar, it is it December 26th. Dispute over the Premier League and its three lower categories a A day planned exclusively for the enjoyment of respect. Likewise, clubs also benefit, since it is the Christmas holiday, studies showPitches reach 97% of their total. Parents and children come to the stadium together, which creates a very family environment available only in the British tradition.

Why is it celebrated on December 26?

It all goes back to the middle of the 20th century, when the tradition in the English country until 1950 was to play football matches on Christmas Day and the next. This is currently unimaginable because it is normal Giving more and more priority to the comfort and physical condition of soccer players. Social changes, the burden of teams’ sports calendars, and the intensity of matches have added to difficulties in transportation so fans can attend matches. It ended on the 25th and play began on December 26, Boxing Day.

since then, Football is encouraged by the Football Association during Christmas, more specifically on Boxing DayPlanning for the day is to the point of almost always facing clubs from the same city or nearby so fans don’t have to waste time traveling.

  • 9.30: Brentford vs. spurs
  • 12.00: Crystal Palace vs. Fulham
  • 12.00 – Everton vs. Wolverhampton
  • 12.00 – Leicester City vs. Newcastle
  • 12.00 – Southampton vs. Brighton
  • 2:30 pm – Aston Villa vs. Liverpool
  • 5:00pm – Arsenal vs. West Ham

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