English Premier League: United fans boycotted the launch of the new shirt

hI heard Manchester United announced the launch of its new jersey Opposite Season 23-24. Use the club City streets as inspiration for uniform. but The citizens who inhabited those streets did not take the advertisement well.

in a new way Protesting the Glazer family’s property, a group of Red Devil fans closed the doors of the club’s official store. Banning the sale of new uniforms. “The Glazers are just trying to make as much money as possible from the club. We are against all the money they make from football and they don’t reinvest it On the team,” said a fan in Ocean Old Trafford.

about a year ago The owners of the club announced that they would sell the clubbut there has not yet been a fixed width approaching it 6000 million pounds market value provided by Forbes magazine. “Whether there’s a sale or not, we’ll continue to do this until they leave,” says the same fan.

The Glazers became shareholders in the club in 2003 and acquired a majority majority in 2005.. In these 18 years, the club has achieved Champions Leaguea European Leaguefive Premier Leaguefive League Cups and one FA cup. However, they haven’t lifted a major trophy (League or European Cup) since the departure of Alex Ferguson in 2013.

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