English Premier League: The leaked documents that deconstructed Mansour’s ‘world of the city’: this is how it all began

YouIt all goes back to December 2018. As the Premier League explained in its statement, The Manchester City investigation started at the time…but it goes back practically to the entire previous decade. It was a month ago, in November, when the German media ‘Der Spiegel’ has published documents relating to ‘Football Leaks’ that bribed, and in what manner, Manchester City.

Over the course of a week, the German newspaper reported that the majority shareholder and owner of Manchester City, Sheikh Mansour (a member of the royal family of Abu Dhabi and deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates) was Secretly increasing the English club’s income through “inflated deals” with Emirati sponsors. As Der Spiegel points out, all patrons had close ties with the principality government.

Sheikh Mansour, present at the Manchester City match.

Sheikh Mansour, present at the Manchester City match.

In addition, Der Spiegel reported this past April “It appears that the holding company behind Manchester City has breached the rules by paying millions in fees to players’ agents.” They also arranged a secret three-way deal to sign an underage player.”

Mansour reasons

As The Athletic reports in an analysis published now, Mansour’s idea was to “prevent free-spending Manchester City from exceeding UEFA’s limits for permissible losses between 2012 and 2016”. In addition to sponsorship, costs were hidden, such as the salary of the Italian club’s then coach, Roberto Mancini, as well as the payment of image rights to football players.

Mansour’s idea was to stop Manchester City’s free-spending club from exceeding UEFA’s limits for losses allowed between 2012 and 2016.”

Matt Slater at The Athletic

Manchester City reacted quickly at the time. They denounced that the documents were “criminally obtained”. The Manchester team has always denied that it acted illegallyand “stating that the attacks are part of a deliberate attempt to discredit the city,” details “The Sportsman.”

City fans greet the bus

City fans greet their team bus.
La Presse.

The secret contract of Roberto Mancini

The issue that may be decisive in this whole topic is Roberto Mancini secret contract. Among the documents revealed by the journalist investigation Football leaksAnd Der Spiegel He revealed that the Italian coach had received payments through a fictitious work contract as a consultant to Al-Jazira Club. This contract meant an income of €1,900,000 in addition to the one million six hundred he was earning as a basic salary as City manager.

As mentioned timesThe Italian bus company, Italia International Services, issued quarterly invoices to Manchester City that were paid by Abu Dhabi United Group to the coach via Al Jazeera.

The city was already condemned … and “saved”

But this is not the first time that Manchester City has been suspected. In February 2020, UEFA sanctioned the club for two years without being able to participate in European competitions for violating financial fair play by filing sponsorship income irregularities. In addition, they receive a fine of 30 million euros. It was essentially an observation and condemnation of what he denounced Der Spiegel two years ago.

The UEFA Club Financial Supervisory Authority found Manchester City Guilty of misrepresenting his accounts in excess of £200m Not to cooperate with European football’s financial oversight bodies.

The case dragged on for several months In July 2020, the European Court of Arbitration decided to lift the sentence And he reduced the fine to less than 10 million euros, despite nine Premier League clubs, including Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, asking the court not to back down.

Etihad Stadium, home of City.

Etihad Stadium, home of City.
La Presse.

“This decision is a disaster and a shame for football,” he said. Said the then Tottenham coach, Jose Mourinho. ‘Not good for sports’Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp added.

Now, as ‘The Athletic’ explains, everything has blown up because An investigation into the Premier League that began in 2019. As always, it all comes from the first documents leaked from “Football Leaks”.

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