English Premier League: The day Gerrard escaped from the “paparazzi” disguised as an old man and in a wheelchair

Peter Crouch is a genius and a personality. As much fun as it is off the field. The former Liverpool and Tottenham player was close to hitting Kuyt during a karting sessionTo avoid trying to run over Xabi Alonso In a preview of the UEFA Champions League Final. He also tried to court Khabi’s wife.

Now he’s revealed a new wardrobe anecdote on the BBC’s podcast. On this occasion, he directly alludes to Steven Grad and his nights at Liverpool clubs.

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“I remember one night Steve came in dressed as an old man, with a mask on his face and a motorized wheelchair. He even had poop. There were a lot of journalists outside the building, but he arrived without any problem. Moreover, he was distinguished so well that the paparazzi even helped him get in. Peter Crouch recalls.

I remember one night Steve came dressed as an old man, with a mask on his face and a wheelchair. He distinguished himself so well that even the “paparazzi” helped him get in

Peter Crouch

Crouch refers to another historical “fit”: “The night we reached the Champions League final in 2007 was probably the best night of my life. The city was in an uproar and the disco was full of celebrities and actors.”

“Everyone was well dressed… except for the Liverpool players. We arrived in tracksuits, but everyone didn’t care. When you get to the Champions League final, you can go however you like.”remember the former England international player.

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