English Premier League: Romo Lavia leaves “Julieta” without the League Cup: the first that knocked out City

Times are not good for Southampton. A six-game losing streak is doomed to be the “Red Lanterns” of the Premier League. But the “Saints” were happy Relegation from Manchester City (2-0) League Cup.

City stumbled into Southampton, like the Titanic, trying their own “medicine”. Union Street. Mary’s has become one of the most popular in the PM. Last summer, the “Saints” spent 41.3 million “heavenly” domestic players: Bazono (14), Lafia (12.3), Iduzi (8) and Juan Larios (7). Now, in order to ‘wrap the ring’, he is finalizing the arrival of City’s academy manager Jason Wilcox as director of football.

Although he didn’t score and had to retire “touched” in the 62nd minute, Romo Lafia (Brussels, 1-6-2004) played a key role in City’s debacle. The defensive midfielder, who trained at Anderlecht’s academy, recovered six balls, intercepted another, completed 18 of 22 passes he attempted and He filtered out Gnebo’s great passing streaks to make it 2-0.

Chelsea wanted the option to buy City, paying 56 kg

A strong performance that Guardiola was not surprised by, as he made his debut with City at the age of 18 and one day in the League Cup. Romo started the season at an incredible level, but then it was slowed down by injury. He left City because we had a good offer, but we kept the option to buy back.”

True. Southampton signed him for 12.3kg (plus bonus) and City could buy him back for £45. Lafia had an immediate impact on the Prime Minister. Debuted on August 6, 2022 against Tottenham W.C On August 30, he scored his first goalIn the victory over Chelsea (2-1) with a powerful shot from the edge.

In this way, he became the first player born in 2004 to score in the Premier League. Its impact was such that the ‘Blues’ bid €56m on the day the market closed. Southampton rejected it.

Lafia, an under-21 international with Belgium, has all the makings to be a dominant midfielder in the next decade. “very good. He started training with us at the end of 2021, If he continues with this development, he will be a ‘special’ player, Get to know your countrymen Kevin DeBruine.“She has a bright future ahead of her.”Certain Roberto Martinez.

very good. He started training with us at the end of 2021, and if he continues with this development, he will be ‘the best player’.

Kevin DeBruine

“He’s a select player. Out of a million players there is hardly anyone who can go to City and make his way there. That’s Romo. He has a strong personality, brings calmness with the ball and, at the same time, is aggressive in the recovery. He has everything Pep Guardiola is looking for.”Vincent Kompany, now at Burnley, cried when Lafia left Anderlecht in 2020.

Lafia, the right-hand man, is not overly tall—he’s 1.81m—, but physically exuberant: “I really enjoy winning the ball and passing between the lines. Maresca [su entrenador en el filial del City] It helped me a lot in this regard.”

However, his references are more about positional football. “I noticed a lot in Fernandinho and Busquets. When you’re young, you want to go left and right, but Fernandinho knows what he’s doing. He does not run to run. He is the brain of the team and tries to be efficient.”

Nathan Jones, his new boss, is already wringing his hands after Lafia missed nine Premier League matches through injury: “He’s great on the ball. Without possession we need to work with him, but once he does, he’s going to be a fantastic talent.”

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