English Premier League: Rashford was a substitute against Wolverhampton… because he fell asleep!

And theHe ended up on the final day of 2022 successfully for Manchester United. Ten Hag beat Wolverhampton by one goal Rashford And he rose to the positions of the Champions League, in the absence of what Tottenham was doing on the first day of 2023.

When United Given the lineups, the absence of Rashford, who had just played a great game against him, was surprising Leedswhere it is marked, as well I got wet In the League Cup match in the post-World Cup relaunch Red Devils.

Arrived late to focus, fell asleep!

Marcus Rashford, Manchester United player

The fact is that after the match the truth was revealed. First Ten Hag stated that he was substituted “due to a lack of internal discipline”, which the football player himself later explained: he slept too much and was late for the pre-match rally.

Arrived late to focus, fell asleep! Obviously those are the rules and although I was disappointed not to get started, I understand the decision. “Anyway, we are happy that we managed to win,” striker Rashford said after the match.

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