English Premier League: Rashford, on the European podium with Haaland and Mbappe

alsoForgetting the injuries and substitutions that left him on the bench and in the stands at Old Trafford last season, Marcus Rashford is better than ever.

“I had a good preparation in the summer and a new coach arrived as well, with a new way of playing and that excited me as well. I’ve wanted to give my all since then and never look back.” guarantee The English striker before facing Betis in the European League. And against Verdeblancos, Rush opened the scoring, scoring 26 goals in all competitions this season.

Rashford goal (1-0) at Manchester United 4-1 Betis

14 goals in the Premier League, five in the Europa League, five in the Carabao and one in the FA Cup are the figures in 41 appearances. For a striker to score every 123 minutes. Nobody surpasses their numbers after the World Cup (18 goals in 22 games). He put him on the European podium behind Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe.

Top scorers among all leagues in 2022-23

  1. Erling Haaland (Manchester City): 33 goals
  2. Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain): 30 goals
  3. Marcus Rashford (Manchester United) and Enner Valencia (Fenerbahçe): 26 goals.
  4. Robert Lewandowski (Barcelona): 25 goals
  5. Jonalo Ramos (Benfica): 23 goals

Only the Norwegian’s 33 goals in 34 games for City and the Frenchman’s 30 in 31 for Paris Saint-Germain improve Rashford’s 26 goals. That he is ‘level’ with Enner Valencia (26 goals with Fenerbahçe) and that he is ahead of Robert Lewandowski (25 with Barcelona), Gonallo Ramos (23 with Benfica), Mohamed Salah (22 goals with Liverpool) … the best filmmaking season ever. launch (22 in 2019-20) They equaled goals scored in the last two seasons together (21 in 2020-21 and five last season).

At the beginning of the season, you asked me if I had a player in the team who could score 20 goals. And I told you yes. Rashford is considered one of the best strikers in Europe

Erik ten Hag, Manchester United coach

At the beginning of the season, you asked me if I had a player in the team who could score 20 goals. And I told you yes. If Marcus keeps his intensity and focus in every match, and shows energy and confidence, he will continue to score. It has huge potential and will go further. “He works well and scores goals with the left, the right and the head… I don’t know where to stop, but he is one of the best strikers in Europe,” said Ten Hag, who struck him.

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Better to leave it

With Weghorst holding on at centre-back, Rashford is free to come in from the wings, reach for… and score. “I prefer to play on the left most of the time. I like to have freedom of movement and feel comfortable in the penalty area as well.”And it is the place where goals are achieved.” The Englishman highlighted the “improvement” of the 24 goals he scored Cristiano Ronaldo Last year with United and his streak is far from over.

Rashford is still ‘on fire’ in 2023: a brace against Leicester…and he already has 13 goals!

In addition, he scored in all rounds of the Carabao Cup won by “Manu”. Who cut his luster without titles. “I worked so hard to get here and win is an incredible feeling,” pointing to. “Rash” is “on fire.”

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