English Premier League: Qatar have their sights on the Prime Minister and United love themselves

The State of Qatar Now just over ten years ago he decided to take charge of PSG through investment fund Qatar Sports Investment. A firm commitment to opening up to the West through sports began. The French club, despite not winning the Champions League, was the thorn in Prince Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani He sailed among the European greats and greatly helped revive Ligue 1 despite a low blow from Roures and Mediapro, neighboring country tax requirements or fair play regulations that have forced the club to contain spending in recent years after the arrival of Mbappe and Neymar.

In addition to Paris Saint-Germain, Qatar set out to host the 2022 World Cup And despite the fact that no one believed it was possible, a venue for the World Cup was decided upon. In other sports, the racket entered the world through the ring Prime Minister Padel, who has just reached an agreement with the World Padel Tour giving freedom to launch the country project with the International Padel Federation and the Players Association.

With the success of the World Cup, Qatar promoted the idea of ​​Qatar continuing to invest in football. already bought 22% from Sporting Braga But a major operation will be attempted and all eyes will be on the Premier League, where… Only five clubs have local owners. Two other cases would now prefer to enter an English club. The first, the depreciation of the pound, which continues to crash. Second, Qatar now has cash.

United Rumors

In recent days, a rumor has spread from England that Qatar will land United. However, at the moment they are mostly rumors because the deadline for bidding for the club ends on Friday and From the Arab country, they confirm to MARCA They are more than a product of interest being baited before the end of term by the Glazers, who are open to parting ways with the club for a good offer, and according to the English media, that amount would be 6,000 million. However, from Qatar they insist there is no serious offer, for now.

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However, Qatar’s interest in entering the prime minister has been real since the beginning of 2023, however, it will not be through the fund. QSI (Qatar Sports Investment), Who is focusing on his scheduled commitment to PSG, but there is the sovereign wealth fund QIA (Qatar Investment Authority) and private investors from the country linked to the royal family who may be interested and who can submit bids for the club until Friday.

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