English Premier League: Premier League and racism: “Before we criticize the rest, we must solve our problems”

“Racism is rife on social media, but racist incidents in stadiums are extremely rare.”This week, confirmed an editorial in the prestigious newspaper timeswho took advantage of the Vinicius case to demand the withdrawal of Spain’s candidacy for the 2030 World Cup: “It is inconceivable for Spain to host a tournament like this if they do nothing against racism.”

Englandthat country whose residents voted in 55% flee the European Union And whose Tory immigration policies come under fire every week, once again I despise Advice from Gareth Southgatewho was asked before the World Cup in Russia if he was worried about racism in this country.

Before criticizing the rest, we must solve our problems with racism


Said the English technician, who after a few months saw how Raheem Sterling, then a Manchester City player, was the target of racial abuse at Stamford Bridge.

Banned for life

It was an important case, because it served to show what England, compared to Spain, is distinguished for in acting. One person has been banned for life from going to Stamford Bridge and Five others were banned from one to two years for insulting the pound sterling. But the fact that this punitive force exists does not mean that the League does not have problems, and this is easy to prove “Racial incidents in stadiums are extremely rare,” states the Times, not true.

In these past few months, Heung-min Son, South Korean player of Tottenham Hotspur, received racist insults At Selhurst Park, Crystal Palace grounds and Stamford Bridge. Arsenal, in the North London derby, investigated two fans over alleged anti-Semitic insults at Tottenham, who has a large Jewish community in his hobby. According to the data provided by Arsenal themselves, they did 31 people suspended from the start of the 2021 season for incidents related to racism.

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Insults to Evan Tony

This season also produced one of the most emblematic cases. In October, Evan Tony, Brentford strikerhe shared on social networks some of the insults he received after hitting Brighton. A 24-year-old man was charged with a hate crime and sentenced to four months in prisonsuspended as long as he did not re-offend, and became the first person to be banned from any stadium in England.

The police described this punishment as: “Historic moment” and serves to show how much the country has improved in criminal mattersNot social, since 2018 where Sterling had to put up with some madmen at Stamford Bridge.

European Cup final

Another important moment was the 2021 European Cup Final, the one that brought together Italy and England at Wembley and was decided by a penalty shootout. Jadon Sancho, Marcus Rashford and Bucayo Saka all missed shots as England lost. Grids were filled with insults to these three players and gathered the police 600 reports of these incidents. Eleven people have been arresteds and a man sentenced to fourteen weeks imprisonment.

Hillsborough victims

Disrespect transcends racism and this season it has become fashionable for visiting fans to mock Hillsborough victims. Chants of “always the victims, never the guilty” and “killers”, by Chelsea and Manchester City fans.I directed Liverpool, the club that in 1989 experienced one of the greatest disasters in football history, with the death of 97 people.

In addition, in Leeds United – Manchester United, the “white team” He laughed at the 1958 Munich plane crash, which killed 23 people from the US mission.The Red Devils responded by remembering two Leeds fans who were stabbed to death in the UEFA Cup semi-final in Istanbul.

In some ways, like Punishment given, England are light years ahead of Spain, but the problem of racism is as rooted in their League as it is in Spain.

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