English Premier League: Premier League accounts: Arsenal stumble… and City shrink

sFor the second day in a row, Arsenal missed 0-2. Those from Arteta, the Premier League leaders for almost the entirety of the cycle, have come down to what counts. Especially if we consider the team pressing from behind: Guardiola, Manchester City, Haaland, De Bruyne… The Celestial Blues are banking on themselves to lift a new league title (They’ve won four of the last five). Arsenal, not used to success in recent decades, haven’t won the Premier League title since 2004.

This time it was against West Ham, in one of their many derbies London. After drawing with Liverpool (2-2) a few days ago, the “Gunners” returned to dropping points in their visit to the London Stadium. With City’s victory over Leicester (3-1), picked up hours earlier, there are barely four points separating the two teams…with City having a game pending (against West Ham, to be exact) and with A direct duel will be played: Manchester City – Arsenal, next April 26.

The rest in this premier for Arsenal and City.

The rest in this premier for Arsenal and City.

In addition, Guardiola’s men also beat Arsenal, at the moment, “Golaviraj”, so in the event of a tie, it will be Manchester’s men who will take first place this season. Everything, of course, if the current “average of the ball” is preserved, let’s remember that in the Premier League the total goal difference prevails, and not the matches between the participating teams.

Goal average between Arsenal and Manchester City

  • Gear: +43
  • Manchester City: +50

What’s left to play…

Although Manchester City has an additional “distraction” (Champions League), Guardiola’s team is more experienced and used to winning than Arsenal. Case in point is average age: Arsenal (25.8 years old) with eleven years younger against veteran Manchester City (28.7). But another, last record: Guardiola has won four of the last five English leagues… Only Klopp and Liverpool ‘sneaked’ in 2019/20.

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What’s left for Arsenal

The main match will be against City at the Etihad, but with Arsenal He has other duels that could be “cheats”. An example of this is the visit to Newcastle or the duels at the Emirates with Chelsea or Brighton. The Blues, with a season to forget, could upset their neighbors with the title… and De Zerbi’s Brighton are one of the teams of this season’s revelation. They dream of Europe in the south of England.

  • Southampton (home)
  • Manchester City (guest)
  • Chelsea (at home)
  • Newcastle (guest)
  • Brighton (at home)
  • Nottingham Forest (first leg)
  • Wolverhampton (home)
Saka regrets the match against West Ham.

Saka regrets the match against West Ham.

What remains for Manchester City

After the meeting with Arsenal (his direct competitor), City have a very difficult trip to Brighton (although it will be postponed due to the FA Cup), and another trip to Brentford… And duels against Leeds or Everton, who will risk their survival and may surprise the current Premier League champions.

  • Brighton (away)
  • Arsenal (home)
  • Fulham (away)
  • West Ham (Home) – Match postponed
  • Leeds United (home)
  • Everton (guest)
  • Chelsea (at home)
  • Brentford (away from home)

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