English Premier League: Pep Guardiola “changes” the clause to be able to sign Erling Haaland

theto renew Pep Guardiola Until 2025 for Manchester city It caused a change in the terms of engagement Erling Halland With the “citizen” box as shown Oriol Dominic on Radio Catalunya.

Mbappe: “The only thing I care about is the league this season and then we’ll see”

Despite being signed until 2027, the year that was supposedly red-flagged by everyone was 2024 when the €200m clause came into play. But according DominicHis commitment to the future Guardiola.

It was determined that the exit clause would be extended if the Catalans were to renew. beep He has already done so, until June 2025, and so his striker clause has also automatically renewed. Guardiola was relegated in 2016 union Since then it has transformed city In the strongest club in England.

Haaland makes history in the Champions League: five goals from the first touch… in 38 minutes!

He has won four of the last five Premiers, FA Cup, four League Cups and two Community Shields. In addition, he was a finalist in the Champions League in 2020-21 (losing the final in Do Dragao against Chelsea) and a semi-finalist last year (Real Madrid left them). It only went blank in the first training session (2016-17). After his good performance, the Catalan renewed until 2025, and this movement has consequences Halland who now know thanks Catalonia Radio.

Haaland Ben laughed when he revealed what Pep had told him after being substituted

Mbappe, Benzema and change of plans

how Brand explained Recently, it goes Carlos CarpioThe TV series about the signing following the break from Real Madrid continues its course. Understandably, many are more and more tired of the Mbabbe series. But, like it or not, this complex story still has several chapters. In parallel, the White Club manages Haaland’s replacement option. With this new known condition, the scenario may change.

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