English Premier League: Manchester United and Rashford want “caviar” in the Carabao Cup

Manchester United appeared hungry on City’s ground. Could, Tired of not eating as much caviar as its neighbor Manchester, the Red Devils They were just as intractable as a Nottingham Forest side (0-3) who at no point felt they could match against Erik ten Hag’s side. Goals from Rashford, Wighurst and Bruno Fernandes meant the second leg at Old Trafford was doomed.

The initial minutes were the greatest evidence of intentions Manchester United. High pressure and speed to play and take advantage of his greatest virtue, speed. With Rashford and Anthony hovering on the wings of the City Ground, Bruno Fernandes only had to decide which side he would send the ball to. How to choose between father or mother, you know that any of your choices will be fine.

In the stands, the most prominent figure of the Red Devils, Sir Alex Fergusonsmile, maybe He remembers that this team became more and more like a winning machine in those years before he made it. Or, perhaps, he just thought it would be his Manchester United if it were The current “10” would have been among their ranks. The absolute leader of this team.

Rashford is a reality

With uncertainty every year of what it could be and won’t end up being. An eternal star nominee since its first season. I know now that Rashford is the player we all imagined him to be. His goal-playing is a sign of the confidence the England player has in his game now. He starts in the middle of the field like an exhale, cuts through the Nottingham Forest players with amazing ease and locates the goalkeeper’s stick from below. ’10’ is the new owner of Old Trafford.

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English record 18 goals this season And we’re still in January. What’s more, In the last 10 matches, Rashford managed to score 11 goals. Numbers within reach of very few players. It seems that Erik ten Hag has made the Rashford phenomenon, this time, a reality. The watchful eye of the other coach in the stands watched this new version of the striker with envy.

Southgate and Roberto Martinez, in the stands

As if it was a coincidence of fate, the English coach Garté Southgate, was able to enjoy United’s 10 display at the City Ground.It’s not very common to see Rashford start in the starting line-up three lionsbut so far he has not shown that he deserves it either. I don’t think after being eliminated in the quarter-finals of the World Cup, Southgate can’t count on him He is probably the fittest player in the Premier League.

But the presence of world famous football players did not end there. More than just a Carabao Cup tie, Nottingham Forest has, at times, looked like football’s Oscars. To the already mentioned Ferguson and Southgate we have to add names Roberto Martinez, waiting for Bruno Fernandez, who responded to the visit of his new coach with a new coach as much red devil. He also wanted to go to the party, Unai Emery. Basque technician He continues to absorb the game of his new rivals. They all watched as Manchester United raced their way to equalizing at Old Trafford in the space of a week. the Red Devils They are one step away from Wembley. His last title was the European League (16/17) with Mourinho.

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