English Premier League: Liverpool ends the FA Cup with its crisis at the expense of the fighting Wolverhampton

Liverpool beat Wolverhampton (0-1) and go to the next round of the FA Cup, where Brighton awaits. After a fairly quiet first half with the Reds, everything got complicated in the second half, when Liverpool began to look like what happened in the past few matches. However, he managed to climb out of the hole he was in and won, for the first time, in 2023. Not everyone could have imagined this fact at this point in the season. Liverpool, when they needed it most, got a victory. Strong emotions come in the next games.

The first part was Red’s monologue. Although not everything started as expected. the Wolves They bravely went out onto the field of play and, above all, for va Adam Traore. The Spaniard, as he has shown throughout his career, is self-sufficient. But the player’s energy is not enough. Liverpool became the master of the game and its master through three players.Thiago He began to show his class: passing everywhere, dribbling, feints and, above all, post-loss pressure typical of his stage at Can Barra. In between, Lopetegui and Klopp were arguing in a match where disagreement was rare.

Gakpo and Elliott to the rescue

The other two players are connected and dependent on Thiago’s game. The front of the Wolves area was owned by a Dutchman and an Englishman, Gakbo and Elliot. Sometimes they remember these different players, but they complement each other so nicely. They were the main focus of danger with the permanent detainees between the center back and Lopetegui’s side. Bleeding, even with a change in the system, the Spanish coach was able to stop.

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however, Football does not reward thousands of strikes by a team and penalize one foul. False kick-off of the ballhideous withdrawal from those of Lopetegui and Elliott, who managed to cross the middle of the field without encountering any player from the opposing team. So simple that it’s surprising, so easy Lopetegui It seems he can’t believe it. The Reds took advantage on the scoreboard (0-1) and His best football is yet to come.

Ghosts of old Liverpool

The second part of the red team has been more consistent with the level of its season. Handcuffed team at the mercy of fortunes Wolverhampton. the changes club They didn’t help the team either. Not because of the level of football players: Fabinho, Salah, Curtis Jones…but because of the intensity with which everyone came out.

With these conditions in Liverpool He had no choice but to begin to establish himself in his region. The plan goes well, but it could also go wrong. Because it was not a merit, but a competitor’s fault. Wolves have them in all colors: Being the boss, Nunes, Adama in the lead, Costa in the region. Nothing came out of the group lopetegui, that he would have to watch the rest of the competition on TV.

Both teams will meet again soon. This time, in the English Premier League on February 4th. Before, Liverpool host Chelsea at home in a duel between the teams in crisis. We’ll see who sinks deeper into the well. The Champions League is an elusive goal for both of them.

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