English Premier League: Lampard confirms Coulibaly’s loss to Real Madrid

theearly days of Frank Lampard In the “2.0 era” at the helm of Chelsea, they weren’t the best. For the historic midfielder, announced as interim coach until the end of the season, it’s two games… two losses. And this weekend they will face one of the strongest teams in England: De Zerby’s Brighton side.

Previewing the match, the Chelsea boss spoke at a press conference:

Coulibaly, out against Real Madrid: “A matter of weeks instead of days. He’s a very good player with a lot of experience. People talk a lot about our team, the Champions League squad is different to the Premier League and it’s disappointing, but it’s also an opportunity.”

Renew Enzo for another year: “I can’t confirm it because I don’t know. Working with Enzo, I can say he’s been a player with a great attitude. He’s a great player for this club and he’s moving forward, which is exactly the kind of profile you should be aiming for.”

consecutive defeats: “I’ve been through a streak like this before. I’ve lived long enough to get all the pros and cons. And the only way to solve it is through hard work and focus. I’ve been lucky to have a job here surrounded by good things, but the main thing that drove me was my desire.”

Frank Lampard, in a preview of Real Madrid - Chelsea Champions League.

Frank Lampard, in a preview of Real Madrid – Chelsea Champions League.

your stage: “Complicated? No, it’s the job I thought it was going to be. I got it from the outside. I had no illusions, there were tough games coming up. I like a challenge.”

Beat Brighton: “It’s vital. I think they all are. You work for the idea of ​​turning the corner to go forward. It doesn’t take away from the difficulty of the game. We want to cheer ourselves on when Real Madrid come.”

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Chelsea owners: “I was moved. I’m not sure if ambition is the right word, but they are. They have a clear vision of where we want to go, our intentions, and we’re investing really aggressively. The collaboration is really important. Understanding that this is a project and a long-term idea. There can be tough steps.” “.

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