English Premier League: Haaland’s “boredom” during the World Cup: gardener, mascot …

Erling Haaland is looking forward to the World Cup The Premier League resumes. The Norwegian has not been able to enjoy the World Cup and is already bored without football. in Funny ad with Sky Sports.the Manchester City striker becomes a mascot, a gardener, and even wears a mannequin in a De Bruyne shirt to kill boredom during this break.

Haaland confirms that it was “Works hard” while his friends are awayBut he admitted that he “missed the jokes” during the team’s practice.

The promotional video begins with Haaland walks alone in the Sports City from Manchester City. hears say:I’ve been working really hard while the guys were away.”

Reclining on a stretcher, which is typical of post-training recovery, Haaland looks into the distance and bemoans: “Sometimes… it gets a little boring.”

Haaland hasn’t been in the prime minister’s post for long so he jumps onto the field and starts the lawnmower, because the return of the Premier League is approaching. “Time flies,” the City striker lamented. He even tried it as a town mascot.

The Norwegian, with a large part of his teammates in Qatar during this World Cup, is killing time in advertising, wishing his partners would return to the green. One of the funniest moments in advertising is when The mannequin is dressed in a City shirt with 17 on the back and the name Kevin. His pass misses the target.

“I hope the boys are well.”

Haaland, who is desperate for the Premier League to return Moving on, during this hilarious ad he was also seen breaking into one of the Manchester City boardrooms. He heard laughter and thought his comrades had returned. However, Micah Richards and Roy Keane were laughing on TV.

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Norwegian is also agreed upon by Grealish, who calls him during the call-in. Nobody answered, just an answering machine with the England star’s voice: “Okay, I’m Jack, leave a message.”

Despite his boredom at home, Haaland wished the best for his teammates: “Anyway, I hope the guys are doing well and I hope to see them soon.”

The English Premier League will resume on December 26, just eight days after the World Cup final between Argentina and France. Haaland is looking forward to the return of the domestic championship and will try to cut the five points separating City from Arsenal, the leaders of the British League.

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