English Premier League: Guardiola’s victory with less possession: just 36.4%!

sWas it Manchester city storming the emirates To become the leader of the Premier League Nobody is surprised. Arsenal proved to be a worthy opponent, but ended up abandoning and abandoning that leadership. What attracts the most attention is that You don’t end up with more possession than your opponent. Even rarer is that To much difference.

Because, at the Emirates, Arsenal not only discussed the match with him, but also handled the ball much more than that. City was left with a percentage of 36.4%, the second lowest value of the Guardiola era If we reduce it to the matches of the two biggest competitions: the Premier League and the Champions League. To put it in context, he’s only had 14 fewer finishes off the ball than his opponents in 319 appearances.

In reality, It is the win least possession in the premierssince 34.66% that he faced it against Barcelona In the 2016-2017 season that ended With victoryIt made sense in the Champions League.

gain possession It doesn’t tell us much about how teams are stylistically prepared to play. Simply It is a means to an end. But if there is a coach who raises the flag of possession in an effort to win, it is the coach who has developed his style in many aspects.

Against Arsenal he knew how to handle the game. in the first half The Gunners pushed too much and City had few lines of contact with the ball. At the end of the first 45 minutes His possession was 40%.

Premier League (J12): Summary and goals Arsenal 1-3 Manchester City

In the second half, the ball control powers tended to tie the game, however 1-2 achieved by Grealish and the final 1-3 to Halland Bringing these from manchester is organizing efforts during Arsenal paid to try to get into the match. That sent the acquisition percentage down to a recent 36.4%.

On the other hand, what reinforces that possession does not have to be synonymous with victory is the fact of analysis expected goals. in the match, City had slightly better chances than Arsenal. for him Cumulative xG 1.75 Super 1.62 from rival. In other words, given the quality of the chances, it could have been a one-two draw, but the defending champions made better use of it.

The game showed that City also knows how to get a chip without being in control of the game. But it’s still weird that he got that way.

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