English Premier League: Guardiola ‘clinged’ to his fans and Mahrez: “Before the World Cup I was on vacation”

Dr..After the impossible return that his team made in the second half against it tottenham hotspur, The Catalan coach wanted to remember the fans of his team Manchester city:The crowd was silent for 45 minutes.. The Sky Blues coach believes his fans behave differently when traveling as a visitor than they do at Etihad Stadium: “I’m happy for the traveling fans, but at home they can’t be silent for the first 45 minutes. In the second they showed fire, grit and courage… I need my fans back.”

Make the first two… and decide the third and fourth: Mahrez Ma, what a player!

The Sampdore coach also left some statements to the football players. For Guardiola, “There is no way we can win the Premier League if we keep playing like this.” The coach pointed out that Arsenal, led by Mikel Arteta, is his main competitor, as “they have not won the Premier League for two decades and they are on fireIn addition, he noted that he “didn’t get to know his team.”

For Guardiola, his team’s comeback It had a major factor: “We got lucky. If we want to win something, we have to improve, but by complaining that there is no possibility of winning any title.” The coach wanted to get to know Mahrez for the match he played today: “Riyad Mahrez is an exceptional player. Before the World Cup he was on vacation, but today he realized that.”

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