English Premier League: Foden agrees with Guardiola and puts Manchester City in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup

Manchester City qualifies for the quarter-finals of the FA Cup after defeating Bristol City (0-3) at Ashton Gate. The locals were no match for the Celestial Blues in Part Two, as the physique and high quality of the visitors ended up pouring a match into them. Foden scored twice and De Bruyne scored the goals.

Bernardo Silva put the negative note of the match. In a calm match from the point of view of refereeing, the Portuguese got into a fight with Williams after a passing kick. The consequences were not long in coming, and the 20th citizen saw a yellow card bearing the suspension for the midfielder in the next stage of the FA Cup. Guardiola must find a replacement.

The third goal for Manchester City.

The third goal for Manchester City.Kirsty WigglesworthLa Presse

Foden appears in the FA Cup

His replacement and subsequent dismissal to the bench Champions Leagueset off the alarms on Manchester’s heavenly side. Guardiola Anticipate and wear a firefighter suit to put out a fire that hasn’t started yet: “He trains like an animal, no doubt about that, and he will come back.”

And boy did it. When the party started to wake up, A quick game on the edge of the penalty area between De Bruyne and Mahrezhe finished the ball at the far post. There I was waiting 47 Willing to go beyond his own. By the way, Increase confidence in your game and in your coach’s head. Her husband causes the situation to turn 180 degrees.

Foden celebrates his goal.

Foden celebrates his goal.Vince MinotEFE

address resist

Manchester City wants the FA Cup. Achievement of the Carabao Cup by its neighbors Red DevilsA thirst for revenge was born in Celestial. After eliminating Arsenal in the final round with a minimal win By qualifying for the quarter-finals tonight, City are one step closer to winning the title they are fighting for.

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Another FA Nationals Cup from the 2018-2019 season. in this contract, Manchester City only lifted the oldest trophy in English football in the 2010-2011 season. From here, the Heavenly Blues captured four more titles (1903-04, 1933-34, 1955-56, 1968-69). Tottenham and Manchester UnitedA priori, they are their rivals in achieving the FA Cup. Guardiola They have shown they mean to work.

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