English Premier League: English clubs paid 1.5 million fines for “abuse of refereeing”

AndThe crazy FA Cup quarter-final match between Manchester United and Fulham (3-1) once again highlighted a recurring theme: The “abuse” of referees in England.

fellow Chris Kavanagh has been pushed Always controversial Alexander Mitrović And it ended up showing up Three red cards in just 40 seconds: Willian (to stop the ball in his hand on the line), Marco Silva and Mitrovic himself, subject to historical punishment.

Three sent off in 60” and one of them attacks the referee: Mitrovic’s first go

Arsenal, who receives the most fines

‘The Tempest’, the one at Old Trafford, which caused ‘The Sun’ to be published The total amount paid by Premier, Championship, League One and League Two clubs by paying penalties So, literally, it will be translated About “misconduct”. The amount reaches 1.5 million euros. “54 out of 92 teams have been penalized for having foul-mouthed players and/or coaches,” The Sun reported.

The majority, nearly a million, correspond to premium clubs. Arsenal, who lead the Premier League by five points over City, are also leaders in this division. The “gunners” paid 210,000 euros in fines. The FA accused them of “not controlling their players” on four different occasions. Arteta has also been criticized for his spirited behavior on the touchline. Refers to the Daily Mirror.

Biggest fine in town

Manchester United (156,000) and Everton (131.00) follow Arsenal in this division. But the most important (individual) fine was imposed by City, for which he was punished with 85 thousand euros For his “inappropriate” behavior after defeating Arsenal (1-3) in the Emirates.

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