English Premier League: De Gea Sadiq: “I hope to retire at Manchester United”

FThe future as the “Red Devil”. That’s how it looks David De Gea. The Spanish goalkeeper spoke in an interview with the “Manchester Evening News” and He has made it clear that he hopes to finish his career at Old Trafford. The goalkeeper has a contract until June 2023… but there is an option to extend the deal until 2024, another season.

As the British argument explains, Talks are already underway To increase De Gea’s survival a few more seasons. Let’s remember that he arrived in 2011 from Atlético Madrid, and although he has many ups and downs and options to go out on the market, he has established himself as a historical figure at Manchester United.

I am very satisfied, and I am sure it will end in a good way

David De Gea

“I’m very relieved,” De Gea says when asked about his future. “I just focus on training, and doing the best I can. But, for sure, it will end in a good way…”, he explains when referring to his contract.

When asked if he saw himself ending his career at Old Trafford, he answered the following: “I hope so. This is my team, I’ve been here for many years… It’s a great honor to be here and I’m happy here.”

This is my team, I’ve been here for many years… It’s an honor to be here and I’m happy here.

David De Gea

As the “Manchester Evening News” explains, De Gea was Manchester United’s highest paid footballer with £375,000-a-week… Despite having his salary cut by 25% (to £281,250) this season because United failed to qualify for the Champions League.

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