English Premier League: Cristiano Ronaldo’s massive fury! Change in the 70th minute to a goalless draw

cRonaldo left one of the pictures of the match that Manchester United and Newcastle played at Old Trafford. The Portuguese star is not news this time about his goals but Because of the intense anger that ended the match after being substituted in the 70th minute.

Ronaldo’s match was somewhat secretive and did not create excessive danger. He was erratic in final decisions and missed several passes for his teammates to finish plays.

Soon after the match resumed, The Portuguese scored 1-0 for his team, but offside For the Portuguese star himself on the wall that he does with one of his teammates, Target not allowed. Right after that, the ball landed at Bob’s feet. Cristiano stole the ball and scored, but the match referee did not resume the match after offside.

at the 70th minute With apparent anger, Cristiano Ronaldo left the field cursing in Portuguesewhile Anthony said something to him with his mouth covered.

One of today’s pictures in the English Premier League, showing the frustration that the United player feels with his performance.

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