English Premier League: City overtakes Guardiola to win the Champions League or not

The constant criticism of Manchester City over the oil money will continue even if they win the final in Istanbul. Obviously, he would do it with more ferocity if he lost it. The legacy that Pep will leave at the Manchester club will soon be forgotten. Within seven years, the English city had become the domain of Sky Blue. In seven years, England has come under his rule. That domination reaches us in a flash in Spain. the group

The Champions League title causes Real Madrid to belittle any achievement that does not include lifting the orrejona. A huge mistake.

In soccer, nicknames hold true, and so do the teams that marked an era that dictated style

Which, by the way, collects titles with amazing ease.

Because Guardiola City has, with the FA Cup, thirteen trophies since his arrival

Five Premier League Championships, four League Cups, two FA Cups and two Community Shields. Of course, he awaits the Champions League final against Inter, where he can put the final touch to a historic season. If this champions do not arrive, Guardiola’s stage in Manchester will be successful anyway.

What and famous how to say it. As much as some want to reduce the analysis of seven years of residence at one address

Because this is the most important of all. Let them ask in the stands of the Union. Let them do a survey in England about Guardiola’s influence on English football. Guardiola City is all about winning the Champions League in Istanbul or not. because

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The rest of the leading teams in Europe do not sign with Monopoly or Corticoles money

. Although, this does not guarantee that you will win an average of two titles per season. Play great football sometimes. Make your players – none of them among the best in the world except for Haaland upon his arrival at City – a unique group now on the football scene. And that, seor@sm@s, is Pip’s work.

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