English Premier League: Brighton’s prodigy coach De Zerby: “I became a coach because of Guardiola”

thefor the relationship between Robert DZerby And Pep Guardiola It’s special. Both of them openly respect, appreciate and praise each other. The Italian, from Brescia, the team Guardiola played for during his time in Italy, has declared himself a fan of the Catalans on multiple occasions. And Pep never ceases to be praised for his work, before at Sassuolo and now at Brighton.

“I became a coach thanks”De Zerbi told Sky Sports after the 1-1 draw between Brighton and Manchester City last night. The tie secured a place in the Europa League for those from the south. “I don’t know if it was good or not, but I became his coach because I loved Barcelona and studied it a lot.”

I don’t know if it was good or not, but I became his coach because I loved and studied the Barcelona team a lot.

Roberto De Zerbi, Brighton team manager

And he adds: “I do not like to imitate anyone, but I took [cosas de l, ed.] When I started as a coach, and before that too, when I ended up as a player. Pep is still No. 1.”

Hours before the game, Guardiola hailed De Zerby’s work at Brighton with impressive words for the Lombards: “Congratulations on this incredible achievement of being in the Europa League. Roberto is one of the most influential coaches of the past 20 years. No team plays the way they do, they are unique. I had a feeling when I got to the Premier League the impact would be huge. But I couldn’t have anticipated that in such a short time.”

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