English Premier League: A wake-up call from the Champions League to the English Premier League: No wins in the first leg of the round of 16

Real Madrid “carried” last season to the Premier League. Carlo Ancelotti’s men stopped Chelsea (quarter-finals), Manchester City (semi-finals) and Liverpool (finals) to take ‘Oregon’ and deny the Premier League that won the 2019 final in Madrid (Liverpool-Tottenham) and 2021 in Porto (Chelsea-City). .

he The richest tournament in the world (3,000m TV euros distributed to its 20 clubs in 2021-22) It has no competitor in the market. They invested more than 3,000 “kilograms” in contracting! Between summer and winter this season, surpassing 13 of the 20 teams (Chelsea (611.5), United (243.2), West Ham (194), Arsenal (192.3), Newcastle (185.3), Nottingham Forest (184.2), Tottenham (177.9) and Wolverhampton (177.1), City (150.5), Leeds (145.5), Southampton (143.6), Liverpool (137.3) and Aston Villa (100.1) hundreds of millions of footballers. However, in the first leg of the last 16 of the Champions League, his four representatives were ‘halted’. Nobody can win.

Premier club results in the first leg of the round of 16

  • Borussia Dortmund 1-0 Chelsea
  • Milan 1-0 Tottenham
  • Liverpool 2-5 Real Madrid
  • Leipzig 1-1 Manchester City

A touch of interest from the continent’s maximum competition “Football”, which had no representatives in 2013 and 2015 in the quarter-finalscausing a crisis in the Premier as their busy Christmas calendar (they put a break between January and February), the level of English footballers (they transplanted English DNA to improve their youth work), the price-quality of their signings were called into question… they still had Returning to fix it, however, in the first round, the four English representatives were “burned”.

problem in London

Boyle’s 600 million-strong Chelsea, who featured Enzo Fernandez, Joao Felix and Modric in his 11, fell (1-0) to Dortmund in the first leg of the round of 16. We’ve got to do better, we’re disappointed, but we have to focus on the positives,” said Graham Potter. In the return at London Bridge they will have to return as the spurs. “Tottenham”, with Kane and Son in attack, was eliminated in San Siro by Milan (1-0). “They will have an advantage in the second leg,” Conte assumes.

We have to do better, we are disappointed, but we have to focus on the positives

Graham Potter, Chelsea manager

The biggest hit was taken by Liverpool, who He made it 2-0 after a quarter of an hour at Anfield against Real Madrid… and took five! “Little Hand” (2-5) stings on Merseyside. “They always punish you, they never forgive you. Thank God we don’t play against them every week,” he said. Klopp admitted. And City were the best, although they barely managed a draw (1-1) with RB Leipzig. Guardiola explained: “My expectations were not high. I didn’t think about coming to Germany and winning 0-4, not even for a second. These are two games, 180 minutes apart.”

My expectations were not high. I didn’t think about coming to Germany and winning 0-4, not even for a second, that’s two games, 180 minutes apart.

Pep Guardiola, Manchester City coach

The city is the one who has the best to pass: it is worth winning the minimum in return in the union. Away goals are no longer worth the double and that helps Chelsea and Tottenham. And Liverpool need a “miracle” at the Bernabeu. Everyone has to sweat and it won’t be easy. A tough test for the Premier League which, from its economic strength, shines against the rest of European clubs. But the Champions League is another story.

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