English Premier League: A gesture from one of the United players before the victory did not endear him at all to the Liverpool fans

AndThe last day’s Premier League match that left Liverpool’s historic loss to Manchester United (7-0) left many images for posterity.

So much so, that the network team wanted to create a video telling the way one of the club’s most historic games was experienced from the inside.

Through the analysis of the images, it can be seen how when the two teams jumped onto the pitch, one of the United Football League players, Wout Weghorst, committed what amounted to sacrilege for the Liverpool fans, touching a sign in the tunnel that there is an entrance to the green and in which you can read “This is Anfield”.

Few clubs in the world have as much ambiguity about each of their symbols as Liverpool and as such hooligans demand respect from each of them, which is why they consider that the Dutch striker disrespected one of them and which is the reason for the anger.

It must be remembered that the United striker really shone in a moment that went viral and one of the most remembered in the world in the past, when Messi famously gifted the catchphrase “What are you looking at, silly?”

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