Energy saving | The smart plug for sale at Ikea that will help you reduce your electricity bill

In recent months, news about light price, which reached historical figures made the pockets of the Spaniards tremble. light bill The flames were shot And nothing indicates that this rise will stop soon.

with a goal Help your customers saveIkea put up for sale a new product for which we will get rReduce our electricity bill. this is Smart plug It allows you to connect any lamp, coffee maker or other electrical appliances to the remote control and control them with the on/off switch.

Thanks to the magnet You can fix it easily On/off switch to wall mount or other metal surface. Also, you can add up to 10 lights or small appliances and turn them all on/off at the same time.

On and off button It has a range of 10 metres Provided that it is not blocked by walls. Battery included, lasts about 2 years, and The maximum achievable output power is 3840W.

This device can connect to the APP Ikea smart home And to the plug device, so that it turns on / off from the application timer.

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Thanks to this new invention of the Swedish series we will be able to Leave the house and turn off the power supply Thanks to clever ingredients.

It’s available in stores and on their website where they say “You can plug any lamp, coffee maker or other electrical appliance into an outlet and control it remotely” and all for a price 12 euros. Undoubtedly, it is an economical investment and will also help you save.

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