Endrick’s Building: His Portrait Strategic Plan Revealed

number.Or is there any doubt about it Andrek points to crack. The 16 years He is probably the footballer who met the most expectations due to his impressive performances at Palmeiras. Those who understand this say his career on the field could mark an era. But, And his career off the field? At MARCA we spoke with the person who manages Endrick’s image and marketing.

His name is Phoebe Wolf.Co-founder of Wolff Sports and the person who looks after the player’s business interests. It was he and his team who designed and mapped out the strategic image plan for one of Brazil’s rising stars.. Fbio Wolff set out on this adventure with Endrick “so that I wouldn’t make the mistake I made with Vinicius Jr.”

Don’t make the mistake that happened with Vinicius

Phoebe Wolfe is responsible for the image of Indrik

“In Brazil, football players are not ‘products’. Unlike in Europe, this number does not exist in our country. The image of athletes works very poorly.”. In Europe, when you sign an advertising contract, a percentage goes to the club. Real Madrid earns the athlete very well off the field. When we started working with Indrik we wanted to understand and understand the strengths and weaknesses of his personality. The strategy of its commercial position is clear: to be an athlete between one and three years of age a television reference in Brazil. This plan includes the player, his family and his agency (TFM).says Phoebe Wolf

In Brazil, the image of athletes is doing very badly. Real Madrid earns the athlete very well off the field

And it is that Endrick’s approach follows a bizarre event from the past: “A few years ago, Frederico Pena, CEO of TFM, called me and invited me to work with a young athlete from Flamengo. We had other areas of focus and goals at the time. And we decided not to launch.” That Flamengo athlete was called Vinicius Junior.” And with Indrik, the answer was clearly different. “I didn’t know Endrik. Fred Pena headed me in from midfield and I thought: ‘I’m not going to make the mistake I made with Vinicius’. We started working together from January 2022.”


Phebio Wolff, Head of Endrick’s Image and Marketing Division.Sports tickets – Divulgaao

Andrique’s Plan: Nine Brands, Nadal, Federer, Cristiano…

“In this strategic picture plan, we are looking at the careers of three athletes to build Indrik’s career: Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Cristiano Ronaldo. We seek to build a story between Indrik and the brands, but an organic story. A story that connects well with what is at the core of Indrik,” reveals Fabio Wolff.

We deal with up to nine Endrick brands

The 16-year-old is already making history in his country because no one his age has managed to sign three three-year contracts like Endrick before. “Many companies (also from Europe) are showing commercial interest in our client. A large multinational company wanted him to work for a few months on a campaign around the Qatar 2022 World Cup, but what we are looking for are long-term contracts,” he says, adding that with the player a limit has been set. Eight signs plus the mathematical sign.

The story of his first decade: his father’s problem

The story behind Indrik’s first major contract: his father’s dental problem

“If there is no organic connection between Endrick and the brand, we say ‘no’. For example, the contract he signed with Odonto, a famous dental clinic.” His father (Douglas) had a domestic accident at home and began to have many problems the teeth. He worked in Palmeiras facilities and one of the players, at the time, pooled money with his teammates to pay for implant treatment. When we heard the story, we didn’t doubt it, and Endrik signed a three-year contract.

Endrick’s goals are very high and the co-founder of Wolff Sports is clear: “The boy has no limits. His impact has never been seen and we have a very nice story to tell with him. From January 2022 to now his value has increased. He doubled by ten.”

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