Employment at service stations grew 12% last year and topped 35,000 contracts for the first time

Contracts for service station workers increased by 12% in 2022 compared to the previous year, to reach a total of 35,420, according to the annual labor market report by occupation implemented by the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Social Security.

These figures represent a new record in the number of contracts exceeded for the first time 35,000 business contracts per year. Of the new contracts, more than half belong to women, who number 18,300, compared to men who barely exceed 17,000.

was essential to this growth Increase Sales of fuel in 2022, which was 11.4% compared to 2021. Gasoline demand grew by 12.2% and motor diesel by 5%.

This increase in contracting, as assessed by the National Association of Automated Service Stations (Aesae), is due, among other factors, to the increase in automatic stations, which already own 18.3% of the market and are close to 2000 distribution points andn spain. It also adds the increase in fuel demand and new distribution formats.

It should be noted that the two leaders in the automatic gas station segment, Ballenoil and Plenoil, plan to reach 230 service stations by the end of this year. In the second case, an average of six gas stations open each month.

According to this report, since 2010 – not counting 2020, the year marked by the general blockade – the fuel sales sector has experienced an increase in contracting after the collapse due to the conversion of self-service gas stations that occurred between 2004 and 2010. The labor market in this sector started , according to the study, in recovery in 2011, the year the first automated gas stations appeared.

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This data shows that The growth of automated gas stations During these past years, it not only benefits the customer, but also strengthens and generates business opportunities in the sector against those who attack this business model. The data in the report confirms what we have been saying for a long time, we do not destroy employment, but we create it,” explains Manuel Jimenez Perona, President of Aesae.

These employees are dedicated to Cleaning, maintenance and answering questions at the same station. In addition, this model is undergoing an evolution from the traditional petrol dispenser – which has now been carried to the vast majority of stores – and they have become more technical thanks to the technology applied and the functions of troubleshooting and remote monitoring, confirming this association.

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