Emma Riverola | Marisa Paredes, without fear of freedom

She never stopped being the concierge’s daughter at No. 13 on Plaza D Saint Anne of Madrid. The girl who carried buckets of water down the stairs for her mother to wash. The same one who had a toilet in the kitchen and who woke up with no gifts from him Wise men for their generous majesties had emptied his sack before they reached the cellar. Also who entered through the door Poor girls at a convent school, dressed as her poor daughter, who had to leave school at the age of twelve, as did the poor girls. Yes, she never ceased to be the daughter of those circumstances, for it was they who made her turn her nose so as not to look down, that made elegance dignity and pride, that made her hungry for her. Knowledge for life.

Marisa Paredes (Madrid, 1946) fits the superlative cliché very well: the singer par excellence, the great lady of interpretation. Distinctive and magneticWith her seductive eyes and unmistakably discordant voice, she knows what to fight for every inch gained, even outside of the profession. At the age of 11, she had already had to fight all odds – that is, against her father’s will – for being an actress. Her future seemed written: she would be a writer. But the girl grew up surrounded by theaters, perched at front doors, waiting to be noticed. And of course they did.

The break with her fate cost the child a hunger strike, locked in her room, screaming that she wanted to die. It was the first time his father had given up. It took a few more fights to break his resolve. At the age of fourteen he first went on stage, and will not go down. TVE’s legendary Estudio 1 gave him status and popularity, and Pedro Almodóvar was a turning point in his film career. International recognition has arrived, the most memorable interpretation: the ultimate diva.

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Paredes was born and raised with cat paws. He overcame obstacles and fought until his dream came true. He has defended with them all that he has accomplished. She is not a woman of privilege. Neither in their individual freedom nor in the collective. In the same way he was not subject to dictates a statementNor does he want to do so in the face of lies about weapons of mass destruction.

The actress was president of the Film Academy in 2003 No to War: “This is not a tense night, but a free night. You don’t have to be afraid of culture or entertainment, or freedom of expression, not to mention sarcasm and humour. You have to be afraid of ignorance and dogmas. You have to be afraid of war,” she said afterwards, speaking for the foundation. “Today I will do it again,” he said in 2018 when he was awarded the Goya de Honor. Now again, it’s time to pull the nails out.

I cried when my daughter was born in 1975 because she was going to get rid of the dictatorship. My granddaughter was born two years ago, and I thought that this creature would experience something that I thought was already over: dictatorship and delay in all rights.

Censorship is back at the hands of governments s And vox. moral censorship, Virgin and spoiled. distortion of creation. An unimaginable delay that will inherently cause people to suffer. It always is. When a cartoon is cancelled Pixar Because there is a timid and fleeting kiss between two women, boys and girls are deprived of a normal life Homosexuality. Sin returns to some and fanaticism to others. And Paredes is not silent.

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How could they be afraid of freedom and culture? With such a sense of impunity that makes them believe that they own the country, the soul of the people, and that they are capable of the greatest atrocities with complete peace of mind. They have no moral sense of life. “They don’t know what morals are,” says the actress.

And his voice is the voice of many, especially those who know how much every gram of freedom, every right of realization costs. He was delusionHe was Hopes, but there was also a lot of suffering. In a few days, the polls will decide whether to look to the future or the past. Paredes pulled his nails to keep moving forward.

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