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sIt may be in recent years Aston Villa He was not one of the most mediated English teams, and did not even appear in the European competition, which he reached with the help of Martin O’Neillmore than 15 years ago. But there is no doubt that Aston Villa in England is a giant.. One of the Big Four for its size, recognized for being one of the most traditional clubs and Birmingham logoThe second city in the United Kingdom. His fans, who pack Villa Park In every game they are proud to say that the total followers Manchester Based on Tottenham Do not reach the enormity of the followers of the vile group. Attested by 42,000 subscribers and 27,000 in the waiting listAwaiting the stadium expansion scheduled for 2024.

At half past nine in the morning, like an hour, Unai appears in Sports City. open doors for Brand The first clear connection. The atmosphere in the club is satisfying. There is a new boss in the office and he beat United in the exit. It’s a free day but many players like it Buenda, Diego Carlos or Coutinho They take advantage of the time between the gym and the recovery room.

Talk between Unai Emery and Diego Pic

A conversation between Unai Emery and Diego Beck, MARCA journalist

Emery opens his officeOverlooking the three fields of the first team and starts the day. Meetings with everyone. Coaches, coaches, recoveries, players. Everyone walks by his office on the first floor, where you can also see a modern gym. The coach shows us the changing rooms, the stadiums, the polling areas … Everything is ready for the landing of the Spanish coach.

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Before sitting down to answer questions Brand We stopped by the restaurant for breakfast. There is less activity than usual but everyone greets the coach with smiles on their faces. Coffee, chat and back to work. No time to waste.

Two partners, one idea

Just before the pandemic, in 2018, Two powerful businessmen have arrived at the club headquartersAnd personal friends and those who run the club with the enthusiasm of being a sports fan. One of them is American Wesley Edensowner NBA Milwaukee Bucks. A visionary who is able to reach the champions’ arena thanks to good management and building a project with good players around a character Giannis Antikonmo. Milwaukee has spent more than four decades without ever touching glory.

The other partner is the main man in this story. The club’s president, and a football fan since childhood, is One of the richest and most powerful men in Egypt and the Middle East, although trained in Germany and England. Your Name, Nassef Sawiristhe largest individual shareholder in Adidas. s He is the man who convinced Emery To join the Birmingham Community.

Train my team and build me a new and winning Aston Villa team.”

Nassef Sawiris

Sawiris is a close friend of Arsenal owners. He made it clear to Emery that he wanted to break up with the pastI’m tired of investing and always being in the results for teams that are less than Villa. Show your artistic enthusiasm Hondarribia His ambitious strategic plan and strategic plan Definite intention to invest with determination to build a team, step by step, able to compete to be in the Champions League. It is no coincidence that the owners Aston Villa Playing in Europe is an obsession, as the club crest is there, A source of pride since 1982European Cup, in Rotterdam against Bayern Munich.

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The Another great reason Why Emery He left Villarreal, where he felt comfortable on a professional and personal level and got to know the Roig family, It was a body that weighed only 10 grams. A blank sheet of paper, on which Sawiris pointed to its surface, asked the Spanish coach to draw a winning club for him. “Train my team and build me a new and winning Aston Villa team.” Emery, happy in yellow, but obsessed with challenges and overcoming his limits, before the challenge of that blank paper, to return to England, which also has clear connotations of personal justification, After his time at Arsenal where he had no confidence, his work in the first season is well deserved. Whereas, his name was written on a piece of paper with many strings and irregular lines.

sandpaper now, Surrounded by a multidisciplinary team created to expand your scope to fortify your idea of ​​the clubHe feels more prepared for his second adventure in the Premier League as he builds, 15 hours a day, a new Aston Villa in Bodemore Heath. One of the best sports cities on the planet, and it really is Lion’s Den.

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