‘Embrace Again’ Becomes China’s Best-Selling Film Champion

‘Embrace Again’ Becomes China’s Best-Selling Film Champion

China, Bolong.id – Reported from chinanews.com on Thursday (6/1/2022), statistics released by China’s State Film Bureau on the 4th showed that China’s 2022 New Year’s blockbusters reached 1.02 billion yuan. (2.2 billion rupiah). Among them, the film “Embrace Again” won the New Year’s Day blockbuster this year with a score of 319 million yuan (about 720 billion rupiah).

“Embrace Again” tells the story of ordinary citizens who help each other after the outbreak of COVID-19. The film tells the story of what happened in Wuhan. The filming process evoked a lot of people’s memories. Huang Bo said: “When the covid-19 hit, we were worried about our compatriots living in Wuhan , also touched by everyone who supports each other, supports each other, and overcomes difficulties together. As shown in the film, everyone is ordinary have their own shining point, and when they come together, they become a large part that shines light. And everyone regains confidence and rekindles hope.”

For Jia Ling, a native of Hubei, she felt more empathetic to participate in this film. “It is a great honor for me to be able to show our optimism, determination and courage in the face of disaster through such a film”, he said.

In Jia Ling’s view, this is a film that truly “breathes together” with the people of Wuhan. “This film was shot on location in Wuhan, and the dialogue of the characters also uses the Wuhan dialect,” he explained.

“We spent a lot of time in the recording studio dubbing the Wuhan dialect at a later stage, and invited a language teacher who was familiar with the local dialect to proofread the pronunciation.”

“The miracles fighting this pandemic are ordinary people like all of us. We use this film to honor the heroes as well as all walks of life. Hope this film can bring more warmth to everyone in winter.” said Jia Ling.(*)

Embrace Again’ (穿过寒冬拥抱你) is a 2021 Chinese drama directed by Xue Xiaolu.
The film revolves around a group of people who come together and help each other during the early days of the pandemic. The cast includes Huang Bo, Jia Ling, Zhu Yilong, Xu Fan, Gao Yalin, Wu Yanshu, Hui Siu-Hung, Zhou Dongyu, Liu Haoran, and Qiao Xin.
Synopsis: On January 23, 2020, the twenty-ninth day of the lunar month, Wuhan was declared closed to the public. At a difficult moment in time, a group of ordinary citizens looking out for each other show immense courage and togetherness. They include courier Yong (Huang Bo), rider Wu (Jia Ling), piano teacher Ye Ziyang (Zhu Yilong), middle-aged couple Liu Yalan (Xu Fan) and Li Hongyu (Gao Yalin), retired doctor Xie Yongqin (Wu Yanshu), restaurant owner Master Pei (Hui Siu-Hung), trainee nurse Xia Xiao (Zhou Dongyu), and stranded travelers Zhang Zhe (Liu Haoran) and Jun Jun (Qiao Xin). [© Far East Films]

‘Embrace Again’ opens across China on December 31, 2021.

Title: Embrace Again
Chinese Title: 穿过寒冬拥抱你 / Chuan Guo Han Dong Yong Bao Ni
Release Date: December 31, 2021
Genre: Drama, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Director: Xue Xiaolu
Screenwriter: Xue Xiaolu, Liu Qing, Zhang Bolei, Hao Zhe, Wang Y
Production Company: China Film Co. Ltd.
Origin: China
Synopsis and Plot Summary
On January 23, 2020, Wuhan was put on lockdown in the face of the sudden epidemic. Embrace Again depicts the moving portraits of ordinary citizens in a story of warmth and healing during desperate times.

They are courier A Yong (Huang Bo), rider Wu Ge (Jia Ling), piano teacher Ye Ziyang (Zhu Yilong), middle-aged couple Liu Yalan (Xu Fan) and Li Hongyu (Gao Yalin), retired doctor Xie Yongqin (Wu Yanshu), restaurant owner Pei Ye (Benz Hui), nurse-in-training Xia Xiao (Zhou Dongyu) and stranded travellers Zhang Zhe (Liu Haoran) and Jun Jun (Qiao Xin). During the epidemic, love gave them the courage and strength to move forward. They use laughter as a shield to break through fear in the cold winter and bravely embrace again. Love spreads under the fireworks of Wuhan. Amidst the sufferings, they finally witness a miracle.
January 3 marks the end of the New Year’s holiday in China. Cinemas there also welcomed the third-highest New Year’s holiday box office revenue this year with a total of 1.007 billion yuan. In this new year, there are a series of films such as Embrace Again, Another Me, G Strom, and Lost and Found.

Embrace Again topped the year-end holiday box office with a total of 315 million yuan, followed by G Strom 223 million yuan and Another Me 2.23 yuan. Embrace Again is a film by director Xue Xiao Lu which airs on December 31, 2021. Xue Xiao Lu gathered many famous actors to tell the stories of ordinary people struggling during the Wuhan Lockdown.

Actors joining the film include Huang Bo, Jia Ling, Zhu Yi Long, Xu Fan, Gao Ya Lin, Estelle Wu, Benz Hui, Zhou Dong Yu, Liu Hao Ran, and Qiao Xin. There are those who act as couriers, food couriers, piano teachers, apprentice nurses, retired doctors, and others. Everyone has their own story in this special time.

On January 23, 2020, Wuhan decided to go into lockdown to stop the further spread of the Covid-19 disease. Embrace Again tells the story of ordinary people who are trapped in this special time.

There is A Yong, a courier played by Huang Bo. He gathered people to help deliver items needed by medical personnel in Wuhan. All just to get a “thank you.”

Due to his friendly and helpful nature, A Yong is a hero in the eyes of his sons. Only in his wife’s view, this decision actually made him worried and even angry to the point of blocking his contact. In front of people, A Yong said not to be afraid of his angry wife.

But every night, he would definitely stand under the window of his house and look at his family. His wife also at the end of the story also secretly gave him a special gift.
Wu Ge is also a courier, played by Jia Ling. He can be said to be a selfish person who does everything just to support himself and his child. So when A Yong collects couriers to volunteer, he refuses. But on occasion, he met Ye Zi Yang, a music teacher at the school.

Seeing Ye Zi Yang who kept trying to support the children with online music classes, Wu Ge’s heart was moved. He also began to have feelings with this teacher full of artistic soul.

There is also a long-married couple, Liu Ya Lan (Xu Fan) and Li Hong Yu (Gao Ya Lin). In this special time, they managed to get through a difficult marriage and find a new meaning in life. Xie Yong Qin (Estelle Wu) also touched many people because he came out of retirement as a doctor and helped out on the front lines.

Of course, there are many other characters who may not have many scenes or stories but also contribute the meaning of courage and love in difficult times.
This is not the first film to cover the story of the Wuhan lockdown. On July 9, 2021, a film called Chinese Doctor tells how doctors in Wuhan are fighting on the front lines. The film is directed by Liu Wei Qiang with Zhang Han Yu, Yuan Quan, Li Chen, and Zhu Ya Wen as the main characters.

There is also a drama With You which raises the story of pandemic warriors from various sides. Ranging from medical officers, military doctors, couriers, volunteer delivery workers, ordinary residents, construction workers, communities, to members of the security guards. This drama based on a true story is divided into separate stories every 2 episodes. A total of 20 episodes aired from September to October 2020.

Not only a rework, a documentary made by Hao Wu also recorded firsthand how the people of Wuhan are struggling in their own way. Titled 76 Days , this documentary tells a true story in Wuhan.
Mandarin Embrace Again (2021) is a 2021 Chinese drama directed by Xue Xiaolu .

Tells the love story of the general public during the COVID-19 lockdown in Wuhan , from January to March 2020.
This film tells the story of a group of people who come together and help each other during the early days of a pandemic. Starring Huang Bo, Jia Ling, Zhu Yilong, Xu Fan, Gao Yalin, Wu Yanshu, Hui Siu-Hung, Zhou Dongyu, Liu Haoran, and Qiao Xin .


On January 23, 2020 on the 29th day of the lunar month, Wuhan was declared a lockdown. At this difficult time, a group of common people who looked after each other showed extraordinary courage and togetherness. They include courier Yong (Huang Bo), driver Wu (Jia Ling), piano teacher Ye Ziyang (Zhu Yilong), middle-aged couple Liu Yalan (Xu Fan) and Li Hongyu (Gao Yalin), retired doctor Xie Yongqin (Wu Yanshu). . ), restaurant owner Master Pei (Hui Siu-Hung), nurse intern Xia Xiao (Zhou Dongyu), stranded travelers Zhang Zhe (Liu Haoran) and Jun Jun (Qiao Xin).

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