ElXokas’s remarks about overweight people have angered social networks

If something distinguishes flowany A well-known galicist, El Xocas, is among his fellow professionals aggressive and direct tone in his live performances. Within months, he starred in controversial tracks legitimizing attempted abuse of a “friend” toward a woman or Insults towards their parents. On this occasion, the creator touched one of the most sensitive fibers of the population, which was mercilessly thrown at him in a matter of hours.

El Xokas comment, which lit all the torches on social networks, was an assessment of Alexelcapo, A popular YouTuber from Mallorca has just been Accused of being obese After visibly losing weight, he later laughed at his ex on social networks.

In the context of the general attack on this youtuber for what the networks consider Promote discrimination against overweight peopleDuring his Twitch livestream, Xokas jumped in to defend his position, claiming there’s nothing wrong with going for a “healthier” look.

Controversial statements

Until then, everything seemed to be going normally, but it was one of the Regular spells already from Galician Causing followers and non-followers to be rejected. At a certain point in the broadcast, El Xokas He said: Most people who want to change your body and don’t do it because you’re undisciplined and lazy, that’s your problem. Some of the words I point out are absolutely vile.

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he streamer mention it this is the problem” It’s not ‘any disease, nor anything genetic. 90% because you’re lazy shit. You can blame whoever you want, but the truth is what I’m telling you here. You are undisciplined, and therefore, you are invincible to goals.”

Reactions on social networks on the explosion of El Xokas

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El Xokas’ words are unanimously rejected, and many Experts in the field or authorized votes have come out quickly, to deny a belief Which can be very detrimental to people who are overweight: obesity is linked to mental health problems, but also to a class problem, as the most vulnerable are those with a worse diet.

On the other hand, many users highlighted the contradictory rhetoric of the content creator, who described those who fail to lose weight as “lazy” when he himself confirmed it. He feeds mainly on the food he orders at home and keeps rubbish in his freezer.

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